New Relic Runs on Insights: Deepening Partner Engagement

This New Relic Insights use case is taken from New Relic Runs on Insights, a new whitepaper collecting Insights use cases from across New Relic, highlighting some of the many ways the product can help businesses exploit the countless possibilities for leveraging their data in real time, without needing developer resources, and allowing them to make faster, more informed decisions. Download the New Relic Runs on Insights whitepaper now!

Combining New Relic with leading service providers, cloud infrastructure solutions, platforms, and enterprise integrators creates powerful synergies that deliver better results to customers, while advancing everyone’s business interests. But how can partners know whether their customers are using New Relic products to their fullest potential?

Cooper Marcus, business development manager at New Relic, wanted to help our partners answer that question based on actual customer usage data. His go-to reporting tool,, revealed only which customers were associated with which partners, not how the New Relic products were being used.

“I wanted to be able to look at daily information as well as see trends over time,” says Marcus. “I knew it would be incredibly valuable to compare partner-related customer usage information from previous weeks or a month ago.”


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Real-time insight into customer usage

To do that, Marcus built his own New Relic Insights dashboard for business development. “It wasn’t intimidating at all,” he says. “It took me less than an hour.”

Marcus uses the information from his New Relic Insights dashboard to understand how joint New Relic/partner customers are using New Relic products, including how many unique users per account are using New Relic products, which customers are most active, and for how long customers use New Relic products. “The more a customer is using New Relic, the happier both the customer and the partner are,” says Marcus. “When customers can solve their own problems using New Relic, they don’t need as much technical support from the partner. It’s a win-win.”

Improved engagement with partners

The detailed usage data the business development team is able to provide partners makes demonstrating the value of the partnership easier. “We have trend data we can share at the individual partner and customer level,” says Marcus. That data can be used to help specific customers use New Relic in a way that benefits both the customer and the partner.

That’s why New Relic partners are also getting excited about Insights—both from the partnering perspective and the ability to start using it within their own companies. “By sharing the dashboard data from New Relic Insights with partners, we’re getting more engagement and interest,” says Marcus. “We can show a particular partner how its customers are using New Relic and help them understand ways to improve usage of both New Relic and the partner’s products and services.”'

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