New Relic Insights Extends to Include Mobile App Data

New Relic Insights is already a powerful way to analyze data about your business’s user behavior, app performance and crashes, business transactions, and more. And today we are announcing the next step in delivering on our software analytics vision: extending Insights’ capabilities from analyzing data from backend applications that run in a data center or in the cloud to include real-time data generated by the mobile apps running on smartphones.

In addition to using data from New Relic APM, New Relic Insights will be able to help companies unlock detailed information from their mobile apps, and get real-time, iterative answers to a wide range of questions about how mobile app use affects business outcomes.

New Relic Insights with mobile data will provide benefits in four key areas:

  1. A broad data set covering mobile app performance, crashes, app usage out of the box, and—with a small amount of New Relic’s custom code in your mobile app—business-relevant data like revenue, product IDs, and subscription level.
  2. Granular data that empowers businesses to more deeply understand various customer segments. Storing a range of data from mobile agents enables fine-grained analysis by user group, mobile carrier, region, network response time, and more.
  3. Real-time data so companies can quickly resolve issues and provide better customer service. That is critical, because when using a mobile app, every moment matters. How fast the app starts, how fluid it feels, and how stable it is can spell the difference between business success or failure.
  4. Boost developer productivity by working with a broad set of data in a single mobile SDK. Reducing the number of SDKs in an app lets busy developers focus on building features, not resubmitting their app to the app stores every time an SDK is updated. It also means greater app stability and easier troubleshooting.

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For example, on-demand flower delivery service BloomThat sells via its mobile app. The company promises to deliver flowers within 90 minutes of receiving the order—so obviously, every minute matters.

“BloomThat has seen incredible results from using the entire New Relic suite, including New Relic Insights and New Relic Mobile, to better understand our service and offer a better customer experience,” said Kevin Klein, vice president of engineering at BloomThat. “We are extremely excited about the next step for New Relic Insights to gain real-time, detailed data to scale our mobile business and keep our customers happy.”

By tracking which product pages in the mobile app customers are looking at, and how those typically convert into sales, for example, New Relic Insights with mobile data could let BloomThat see if one type of flower is in high demand in a particular location, and make restocking decisions before customers have even purchased.

That’s just one way we believe New Relic Insights with mobile data will be an important new tool to allow customers to make high-level, data-driven decisions. In addition:

  • Product development teams will get analysis and visibility into the devices customers are using and how much time they are spending on new features, and use that to prioritize their work backlogs.
  • Ops will be able to see which regions have the most usage, and use that to optimize budgets for server capacity and content delivery networks (CDNs) to match those usage profiles.

Best of all, you will be able to instantly query New Relic Insights based on any combination of these attributes. If you want to check on regional adoption of a mobile app—or even a new feature within an existing app—you will be able to look at daily sessions by region. If you are troubleshooting an app, you will be able to look at crashes by device. And if the first query doesn’t fully answer the question, new Relic Insights will make it easy to quickly iterate queries and drill down until you get the answers you need.

Now in private beta, New Relic Insights with mobile data is expected to reach public availability in the second calendar quarter of 2015. For additional information, as well as a note about forward-looking statements, see the press release here!

Want to be part of the upcoming public beta for New Relic Insights with mobile data? Sign up here!

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