New Relic Runs on Insights: Visualizing Marketo Data on Leads, Emails, and Marketing Programs

This New Relic Insights use case is taken from New Relic Runs on Insights, a new whitepaper collecting Insights use cases from across New Relic, highlighting some of the many ways the product can help businesses exploit the countless possibilities for leveraging their data in real time, without needing developer resources, and allowing them to make faster, more informed decisions. Download the New Relic Runs on Insights whitepaper now!

Isaac Wyatt, marketing operations manager at New Relic, needed a way to easily see the company’s whole marketing story across all customer touchpoints and events. He was looking for a way to answer—in milliseconds, not days—such business questions as how many emails in each nurture flow are we sending week over week or month over month?

“We wanted an easy way to create new reports on the fly or conduct fast, ad-hoc analysis on any of our email, webinar, or nurture programs,” Wyatt says. “For example, quickly answering business questions pertaining to how many emails were sent and what were the conversion rates, for a given time period compared to a previous time period.”

Like many companies, our marketing department relies on marketing automation software from Marketo to help streamline and automate execution of campaigns and programs. But while Marketo enables us to automate which message we send to which contact and when, it doesn’t provide a single pane of glass showing everything we’re doing. Connecting Marketo to New Relic Insights lets us ask more complex and detailed questions of the data produced and collected by Marketo.

Using New Relic Insights with Marketo Webhooks

Using Marketo Webhooks, Wyatt pushes the data to New Relic Insights to show metrics and attributes about New Relic’s email programs, lead creation, program membership, status of leads in the marketing and sales funnels, and more. “It’s incredibly easy to use Marketo’s Webhooks to provide data to an external dashboarding tool,” says Wyatt. “New Relic Insights is an official Marketo Launchpoint Partner, which means we are a trusted member of the Marketo application ecosystem.” And Insights makes it easy to create beautiful dashboards that show exactly what our marketing programs are doing in real time.


Insights’ New Relic Query Language (NRQL) makes it easier for Wyatt and the marketing group to ask a variety of questions about their data, and then drill down to explore lead engagement results by email or webinar campaign, week over week or this quarter compared to last quarter. For example, for an email that New Relic sends out every week, Marketo can show the overall totals. But Insights breaks out the performance week by week, painting a picture of performance over time.

No need to ask a developer

Once the marketing team saw Wyatt’s dashboard, “We started asking questions we never had the capability to ask before,” he says. Email marketing staff and demand-generation analysts quickly began writing their own ad hoc queries and drilling down into the data. And with Insights’ new dynamic Filters, even salespeople, for example, can easily use the dashboard to monitor their own individual accounts.

“I started using New Relic Insights just to see what was happening with our email marketing programs and to troubleshoot problems,” says Wyatt. “Now, we have an accessible data landscape that captures millions of data points and marketing interactions that allow us to drill down into information and use it to make better marketing decisions.”

Insights helps the team almost instantly ask and answer business questions that would have been nearly impossible or impractical to answer before, but, “we’ve only discovered a fraction of the different applications that are possible with New Relic Insights,” Wyatt says. He envisions tracking marketing’s influence on every closed deal, seeing 
in real time the volume of leads in the sales funnel and how fast they are moving through it.

For more on this topic, see Isaac Wyatt’s blog post on Using Insights with Marketo Webhooks to Build Real-time Dashboards and Analytics and download the New Relic Runs on Insights whitepaper!'

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