New Relic Insights Adds New Features As It Hits GA

If you’ve been a beta customer of New Relic Insights, then you already know how powerful it is to be able to get immediate real-time answers to questions you ask your software. Today, we’re officially closing the New Relic Insights Beta, and launching the GA (Generally Available) version of this product … with some extra features added to the mix! Here is an update of what these features are.

iOS app for New Relic Insights

Take New Relic Insights mobile with the new iOS app, now available on the App Store, and help keep an eye on all those key metrics on the go! Insights on iOS acts as an always-on companion to your Insights experience on the Web. With the New Relic Insights app you can:

  • Track all the dashboards you’ve created using New Relic Insights in your Web browser
  • Search through all your dashboards to find the right one
  • Mark dashboards as Favorites so you can get to them quickly
  • Access key dashboards through Favorites
  • Easily switch between different accounts

To use the New Relic Insights iOS app, you must log in with your existing New Relic credentials. All New Relic accounts associated with this user will automatically appear inside the app.


Mobile session events in New Relic Insights

New Relic Insights now supports simple, out-of-the-box New Relic Mobile APM data to give you an instant taste of how real-time analytics can help make your mobile apps successful. From understanding what time of day your most active users are on your app and where they are located to knowing how often your app’s memory usage exceeds internal benchmarks, Insights can help you get to know your mobile users and how they use your app.

If you’re a mobile app owner, here’s a scenario that you can relate to: You just launched your app in a new country, and you want to track its adoption. With New Relic Insights, you can track which regions and cities have the most users, and be smart about spending your marketing dollars in the regions that most need it. You can also compare user session times in the new region to session times in more established regions. More time spent in app = more success.

Insights screenshot 2

Simple embeddable widgets

You can create publicly accessible URLs in iFrames for any New Relic Insights widget. This lets you share your queries and results by embedding the selected widget in a webpage or internal dashboard. You may already be familiar with this feature as it’s also available in New Relic’s APM product.

Insights screenshot 3.jpg

We hope you enjoy these awesome new features as much as we enjoyed building them! As always, we want your feedback on these new features as well as your experience with Insights in general. Please tell us what you think in our Community Forums, and if you haven’t already tried out New Relic Insights, log on today!

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