New Relic Insights for iOS has gotten even better with the addition of linked dashboards and support for data apps. Linked dashboards allow non-technical employees to search, filter, and drill into their application data, while data apps lets power users more easily collect and share relevant subsets of their dashboards in a nice packaged bundle. If you haven’t created any data apps through Insights, head over to our Building Data Apps documentation page and create one now!

How it works

To allow for easy access of your data apps in the Insights for iOS app, we have added new buttons at the bottom of the menu list that allow you to toggle between a list of either your dashboards or data apps. Selecting a data app will display the first dashboard from that data app, and the dropdown menu at the top allows you to easily switch between the selected data app’s dashboards. You can also swipe from side to side in order to move to the next or previous dashboard.

insights for iOS screenshots

Support for linked dashboards has been added for four widgets: faceted bar charts, faceted tables, faceted pie charts, and faceted histograms. Linked dashboards help you easily switch to a different dashboard with an attribute filter applied, or add an attribute filter to the current dashboard depending on how the link has been set up.

In the widget detail view for the table, pie, and histogram widgets, you can tap on the blue text to navigate to the linked dashboard with the selected filter. For the bar chart widget, you can tap on the row to do the same thing.

insights for iOS screenshots

In the widgets list view, you can still access the linked dashboards by long pressing where you would have tapped in the widget detail.

insights for iOS screenshot

Searching and filtering the data within widgets is now accomplished by using the search icon on the top right of the widgets list (when enabled on the website). This allows you to enter text that will filter the dashboard data for one or more attributes. Type in text or select from the dropdown list to add a filter. The dropdown shown is where the filters will appear when tapping on a linked dashboard:

insights for iOS screenshot

Go ahead and download the New Relic Insights for iOS app if you haven’t already and start using these exciting new features today!

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