After Successful Beta Testing, New Relic Insights Is Now Generally Available

I am so excited to announce the general availability of New Relic Insights, a new software analytics product that lets you perform real-time analysis of your data. GA comes after a three-month open beta period where New Relic customers have been testing Insights to drive business decisions and value with the data already being gathered by their own software.


What New Relic Insights beta users are doing

The reaction from customers to New Relic Insights has been exciting. Devoted, self-starting customers are already coming up with creative ways to use Insights while spending their own time to share feedback, counsel, and suggestions for the future of the product.

Here are a few examples of the wide variety of New Relic customers already using Insights to transform their businesses:

The fulfillment-center team at flash-sale retailer Nordstromrack.comHauteLook  has already integrated New Relic Insights into their everyday processes, using it to streamline their warehouse workflow. In fact, over a five-week period they were able to reduce downtime hours by more than 80%.

Insights has permeated online-study-aids site Quizlet, and is being used by virtually every person in the company. Using actionable intelligence gleaned from Insights, Quizlet has boosted its conversion rates, improved how it works with its content-distribution network provider, and adjusted its user interface to more closely mirror customer usage. Thanks to New Relic Insights, the company now better understands how to optimize for students’ often-antiquated hardware and software platforms.

Wellcentive, a pioneer in population health management for physicians and their organizations, uses Insights along with its existing New Relic APM implementation to improve customer experience, better understand customer usage, and identify systemic performance issues. With New Relic, Wellcentive improved application response time by nearly 90% in a matter of months, and was able to detect issues at its hosting provider before the provider knew it had a problem!

Envato, an Australian company that operates an ecosystem of sites designed to enable creators to make a living doing what they love, used Insights to track its customers through the password reset process triggered by the Heartbleed crisis. Insights revealed critical data, including where customers were getting stuck in the process and how many were having problems vs. how many had successfully completed the process.

What makes New Relic Insights special?

Why do users love New Relic Insights so much? Insights offers a unique and powerful take on software analytics: Unlike many other big-data solutions, Insights:

  • Is fast and straightforward to use
  • Lets you get started almost instantly with the data your software is already generating—and then lets you easily add your own business-level attributes

With its simple NRQL query language with autocomplete and an intuitive syntax, almost anyone in the company can create their own Insights queries.

But that’s only the beginning. Tuned for almost instantaneous queries of near real-time data, New Relic Insights lets you explore your data in an agile, iterative way: Ask a question, get an answer in milliseconds, and then use that answer to immediately ask another question. Insights makes it easy to iterate from existing queries or dashboards, so scarce and expensive data scientists can concentrate on the kinds of deep analysis that only they can do.

Many analytics solutions require users to collect data in one place, store it in another, move it somewhere else to ask questions, then use a completely different tool to visualize the results. New Relic Insights combines all these steps into one simple tool, streamlining your analytics workflow.

With the power of the New Relic Agent inside your apps, you would no longer have to think of the query you want to run, gather data for it, and then run the query hoping you got everything right. Instead, simply identify and attach the metrics that are important to your business (remember, the APM data is already there). Adding custom attributes takes minutes, not hours, weeks, or months. Best of all, you can determine the specific queries you want to run against that data later, when you actually need the information.

Democratizing analytics

Together with our customers, we are creating a new, more democratic approach to analytics—one that combines software analytics with functions from across the enterprise to better understand what their applications have been wanting to tell them about how to make their businesses more successful.

General availability is just the beginning! Over the coming months and years New Relic Insights can grow to add even more capabilities and help you continue to deepen your conversation with your data with new ideas that we have generated, suggestions from beta customers, and other capabilities that we’re working on together.

Stay tuned. Our customers expect only the best from New Relic, and we are dedicated to giving it to them.

For more information, see the New Relic Insights general availability press release and attend the What Is New Relic Insights webinar at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT) on July 15, 2014, and learn how our intelligent agents collect data in real-time and get tips on running queries, building dashboards, and creating custom attributes.

Todd Etchieson is vice president of product management for analytics at New Relic. Before joining New Relic, he worked as an engineer and product manager in the telecom, defense, and e-commerce industries. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University and a Master of Science in Telecommunications from Southern Methodist University. View posts by .

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