Today, we’re announcing two awesome new features for New Relic Insights: an all-new Dashboard Timepicker and the ability to Copy Any Dashboard within your Insights account.

Both of these features have been highly requested, and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with our customers. They speak to a big focus for the Insights team: enhancing the flexibility and control that our customers have in terms of analyzing, visualizing, and sharing data within the Insights platform. This is true not just for Insights, but for the entire New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform.

Our recent introduction of Mobile Crash Analysis illustrates our commitment to taking the power of New Relic Insights and embedding it into our core products, as well as our commitment to giving New Relic users the tools they need to answer very specific questions about how their software is performing. The release of the Dashboard Timepicker and Copy Any Dashboard features take very similar approaches: helping customers more easily take control of the data in Insights and shape it into whatever form they want.


The Dashboard Timepicker

The Dashboard Timepicker is designed to give New Relic users control over selecting a time range for every single chart on a given dashboard at once. This means if you’re investigating an incident after a deploy, and you want to go back and look at the status of all your charts before, during, and immediately after the deploy, you can do it with the click of a button. Similarly, if you want to see how Monday’s flash sale on your e-commerce site impacted throughput, error rate, and response time for your paying customers, you can hone the entire dashboard around a single time range to answer that question.

There are a ton of useful applications for this feature—from managing incidents and emergencies to assessing week-over-week performance to watching your services come back online after a deploy—and it effectively gives Insights users the power to understand key changes across a wide range of different metrics and parts of their stack all at once, without having to rewrite queries or create new charts. Not only that, but you can share a dashboard once you’ve applied a timepicker to it so that anyone in your organization or team can see the same things you’re seeing.

Copy Any Dashboard


Copying dashboards is another feature that gives our customers a lot more control over both the creation/instantiation of dashboards as well as over how they can leverage their team’s good work to create their own views of the data. If another user has created a dashboard that seems useful to you, for example, you might want to use it to create your own masterpiece. Or maybe a team created a dashboard that you’d like to repurpose for different members of your team, but you don’t have permissions to edit that dashboard. Now you can easily copy that dashboard and make it your own. This feature is great for large teams, or even for small teams who want to spread the gospel of NRQL and Insights more effectively.

These features are available to all New Relic Insights users as of today, and we’re excited to hear what you think! Stay tuned—as always—for more exciting features as we continue to work to make Insights, and the entire New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform, an even more powerful and flexible set of capabilities for understanding your digital business and the impact of your software on the customer experience you provide.

(For more information on the Dashboard Timepicker and Copy Any Dashboard features, watch this recorded webinar, and check out the New Relic documentation.)


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