New Relic Runs on Insights: Faster Customer Service

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As the primary touchpoint for many of our customers, the customer support team at New Relic is focused on being as effective and efficient as possible in answering customer questions and helping resolve issues. “We’re always looking for ways to improve our processes and our responsiveness,” says Steven Minor, senior technical support engineer.

That’s why Minor turned to New Relic Insights when he wanted to better understand how the various members of the customer support team were spending their time as well as the volume of tickets at certain times of day.

The goal was to extend the value the team gets from its use of Zendesk, the customer service and support ticket application, and get a deeper look into customer support data.


 Creating the Support Team Metrics Dashboard

“We started collecting everything that Zendesk can track about support tickets,” says Minor. “Using that data, we built the Support Team Metrics Dashboard in New Relic Insights to finally get the information we need on how people are working in our group.”

From what types of tickets a person has worked on to how many tickets are resolved in a certain amount of time, the team can now see how to balance schedules better, plan for types of support requests that take longer, and improve the customer experience.

The success of the customer success team’s first New Relic Insights project spurred them to tackle another problem: How to get more information about a customer’s issue upfront to reduce the amount of time it takes to resolve the problem.

Minor decided to use an upcoming feature of New Relic Insights to create 
a data application, essentially a collection of dashboards. Called the Support Details App, the new data application provides information about customer usage of New Relic products.

Now, before the New Relic customer support team contacts the customer, they can identify the app in which the problem occurred, on what page the issue occurred, the performance at the time of the problem, and average response time as customers were using the application.

Insights 2

Positive feedback is “through the roof”

While still early in its usage of the two Insights apps, the customer support team is already reaping significant benefits. “We’re achieving a better balance across the day and across types of tickets,” says Minor. “It helps people stay accountable. The feedback from the team has been very positive.”

The initial reports on the Support Detail App were “through the roof” according to Minor. “It was a huge help for our first-level triage.

Minor believes that New Relic Insights will help significantly reduce the time to resolution for customer issues and enable the group to provide a better, faster customer service experience. “Insights is highly iterative, so we can easily experiment with how we want to view the data. Best of all, we don’t have to get a developer to write it for us, we can do it ourselves. It’s beautiful and it’s super fun.”'

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