New Relic Runs on Insights: Improving Executive Decisions

This New Relic Insights use case is taken from New Relic Runs on Insights, a new whitepaper collecting Insights use cases from across New Relic, highlighting some of the many ways the product is designed to help businesses exploit the countless possibilities for leveraging their data in real time, without needing developer resources, and can allow them to make faster, more informed decisions. Download the New Relic Runs on Insights whitepaper now!

“When I have a question, I can find the answer almost instantly. We’re working to put the power of big data in everyone’s hands.” Those are the words of Lew Cirne, New Relic founder and CEO, describing how he uses New Relic Insights to get answers to the critical questions he faces every day.

“I was looking for answers to questions such as: Is New Relic investing engineering resources in the right areas?” says Cirne. “What size customers are using which features of our products? Should we invest more in marketing a particular product?”

Insights can give him fast answers to ad hoc questions that pop up and can allow him to drill deeper into various parts of the company to support strategic planning.

Sure, Lew is a coder as well as a CEO, and did much of the early development on Insights. But he worked hard to design New Relic Insights so that executives don’t need his skills to quickly create queries and dashboards that can provide greater insight into their data. “It takes a matter of minutes to start visualizing your data and begin using those insights to make data-driven business and IT decisions,” he says.
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Allocating engineering resources

What kind of decisions does Insights support? Among other things, Lew uses New Relic Insights to determine how to allocate engineering resources.

New Relic products include agents for monitoring performance in eight different programming languages. “Because supporting so many languages is engineering resource-intensive, I wanted to know more about which languages were the most popular with our customers, what the fastest growing agent was by language, and which language agents are the most popular with our top customers,” he says. only tracks what’s actually been sold, he says, while Insights is designed to supply the important real-time usage information that can let him see what the most popular language agent is among customers who spend more than a specific quarterly threshold, for example, or identify the top customers that are using the Ruby on Rails agent—and how much they spend.

Just as important, New Relic Insights is designed to easily display trends over time for all these metrics to answer such questions as: Is PHP usage growing or shrinking among our biggest customers?

Helping sales

New Relic execs can also use Insights to help salespeople address trial users. Lew created a data app using New Relic Insights that is designed so anyone in sales can use it. It shows the customers who are in trial with a New Relic product how much they are actually using the product, how many servers they have New Relic installed on, and much more.

By tracking usage instead of merely installs, Insights can help a salesperson determine the most valuable prospects. Along with a customer’s usage history and response times, salespeople can tell when customers last logged in, where they are located, the transactions they most recently viewed, and the size of the apps on which they installed New Relic. That information is critical, because the people who log into New Relic the most are likely to be the most loyal users and potential product champions in their organizations.

Real-time results

One thing Lew appreciates most about New Relic Insights is that it is designed to enable creative problem solving to happen immediately. “When I have a question, I can find the answer almost instantly,” he says. That’s a result just about any top executive can appreciate.

To learn more, download the New Relic Runs on Insights whitepaper now!'

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