Lew Cirne in InfoWorld: What Software Analytics Is All About


“Applications now sit at the heart of our lives, helping us stay connected throughout the day and serving as the connection point with our favorite brands. It’s no secret that these apps generate massive volumes of data—data that contains invaluable business insight, if you know how to unlock it.”

That’s the premise behind software analytics, as told by New Relic founder and CEO Lew Cirne in a guest post on InfoWorld this week. His piece, titled “Turn application metrics into business value,” clearly explains how software analytics helps business management, IT, and developers understand not only what their software is doing but also how the business is faring.

Read “Turn application metrics into business value” by Lew Cirne on InfoWorld.com.

From tracking customer interactions and measuring how customers use the company’s website to then letting executives and analysts easily and iteratively query these metrics in real time, cloud-based software analytics makes big data easy and useful to a wide variety of businesses, Lew writes.

Enter New Relic Insights

Lew goes on to explain how New Relic Insights delivers on the promise of software analytics. As a real-time analytics platform leveraging the data that a company’s production software is already generating, Insights can analyze multiple categories of data rapidly. This is all thanks to a massively parallel event database running in a high-performance supercluster, which can drastically cut cost and complexity so users can get answers quickly and easily. Just as important, Insights’ NRQL (New Relic Query Language) means that companies don’t need expensive data scientists to get their questions answered.

As Lew concludes: “Now that almost every company is a software company, answering the most pressing business and IT questions is as simple as looking under the hood of the events generated within that software.”

That’s what software analytics is all about.


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