[Infographic] Survey Says: SaaS App Management saves real time and money

2011 was a fantastic year for New Relic and we want to say thank you to our customers for making it happen! We hate bragging and don’t really like “momentum press releases”, but allow me to mention some successes for just one paragraph: we are thrilled to have more than tripled our key metrics for the fourth year in a row (customers, revenue, bookings, etc). Today we now have 16,000 17,250+ 30,000+ customer accounts actively using New Relic (by the way, we only focus on active accounts – we don’t look at vanity metrics like ‘downloads’ and ‘signups’ – we know that an active account is a happy account, so we focus on that).  We’re processing close to 40 60 billion measurements and metrics each day (getting to be over 1.0 1.5 million a minute in aggregate!) across 350,000+ 700,000+ application instances in public, private and hybrid cloud environments as a well as on-premise data centers. Finally, we’ve picked up some of the largest businesses as customers, as well as some of the coolest startups.

See a live counter of our active app instances and daily metrics on our about us page.

In 2011 we also introduced some pretty substantial product capabilities like Real User Monitoring and Server Monitoring, plus we rounded out our language support with the addition of Python. As we look forward, we’ve got some great product initiatives in the works as well, so stay tuned!  As the largest SaaS APM provider out there, we’re setting the pace for the market, and don’t intend to slow down.  (PS – We’re hiring, so check out our culture video here!)

Ok, vanity metrics are fine, but what about our customer’s experience?

To help us understand our customer’s usage and focus us on the year ahead, we thought we’d reach out to a few customers to find out how New Relic is helping them deliver value to their own users. More than 1,000 respondents indicated that our SaaS app management tool has helped them be more flexible, agile, and efficient in developing and managing the web applications. What’s the key to delivering superior online service with SaaS app management? For our customers the benefits include:

1. Reducing the amount of time developers and IT professionals spend fixing production performance problems.

2. Decreasing the time per development cycle by helping developers write better code, which reduces testing and QA time and post-production performance.

3. Having a single tool that both application development and IT operations professionals use. This results in better and more efficient communication between groups, less finger-pointing, and more productive individuals.

The ultimate value for organizations that use New Relic is the reduction in the costs of managing and developing applications, which results in savings they can redirect toward value-generating projects. Here are the results of the survey in our latest infographic:



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