Infographic: Just How Big Is the Nerd Economy?

In the past, we’ve written about the Nerd Economy here and here. We’ve had a lot of feedback on these posts and they have sparked some healthy debate along the way. And since, like us, many of the folks who visit the New Relic blog are data nerds, one of the questions we’ve been asked is, “Just how big is this whole ‘software is eating the world’ movement? Can you quantify it?”

Well, to find out we did a little digging and looked at some numbers. We thought we’d share the results with you, so you can decide for yourself if the developer economy is real…

Nerd Economy infographic

Update: In the comments, many of you have lamented that we neglected to mention certain countries in the section “How are New Relic’s Customers Distributed?” We apologize for not being more detailed. For internal reporting purposes, we grouped certain countries and continents together to understand general trends in large regions. For those of you curious about your own countries, here’s a more thorough breakdown of New Relic customer distribution (as a percentage) by country:

* Australia 3.58%
* New Zealand .88%
* South Africa .69%
* Indonesia .54%

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