Analyst Firm EMA Takes a Closer Look at the Application Speed Index

EMA Analyst ReportEarlier this week, we announced the release of our new Application Speed Index feature. The Speed Index leverages our big data to show our customers exactly how their app performs against their peers amongst our 25,000 customers. Since its release, the Index has been enthusiastically received by our customers and covered widely in the press.

Julie Craig, Industry Analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, took a closer look at the Index and wrote up her findings in her impact brief, New Relic Unveils App Speed Index.

Highlights From the Report:

* “Instead of doing high-level and lightweight monitoring, New Relic appears to be testing the limits of how deep a Cloud-hosted application monitoring platform can go. Customers are signaling their approval with their dollars, and if growth is any indication of success, New Relic is definitely doing something right.”

* “It is difficult to determine how fast a site needs to be without a clear understanding of what users perceive as ‘fast.’ From the perspective, the App Speed Index is a clear differentiator for New Relic which can’t be duplicated by on-premise solutions.”

* “[New Relic] continues to introduce capabilities above and beyond simple monitoring … With knowledge of performance against peers, customers can optimize their sites based on real versus hypothetical information.”

Click here to read the full report.'

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