Improving Tradition with Technology: Obama for America Tech Team Infographic

In January, we hosted Coding Forward, a three-city tour highlighting the ground-breaking effort by the Obama for America technology team. We were guided through the team’s growth, technology stack and war stories. Through it all, the small team capitalized on web and mobile technologies to capture massive donations, volunteers and votes.

From the scalable contributions system, peaking to $2 million per hour, to the infamous analytics platform, the team always chose the right tool for the right job. The agile team made two key decisions: first, to use free open source tools to build their own applications and second, to take advantage of SaaS tools like New Relic for services that were critical but not central to their end goals. Operating much like a small start-up, the team was able to leverage technology in a political campaign like never before.

We’ve assembled the key insights from the tour into the infographic below. Take a look to see how Obama for America improved tradition with technology.

Obama for America infographic'

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