Heroku includes New Relic RPM in its Add-On System, enabling one-click access to app management in the cloud

heroku_logoGreat news for Heroku customers! You may have heard that Heroku has made available a new Add-On System that integrates several key capabilities for deploying and managing web apps in the cloud on Heroku’s leading platform. Today New Relic announced that it has been included as a key component of the Add-On System and that Heroku is making New Relic RPM Bronze available to all its customers free of charge.

As part of the new Add-On System, Heroku has tightly integrated New Relic RPM directly into its provision-less Ruby platform-as-a-service. With free, one-click access, organizations running applications on Heroku can now combine the benefits of Heroku’s ease of deployment and operation with the monitoring, troubleshooting and tuning capabilities of RPM Bronze.

Oren Teich, Heroku’s vice president of product management said today that “Integrating New Relic’s application management technology directly into Heroku’s core platform gives our customers even greater visibility into their applications and helps them to achieve optimal performance. With RPM built in to Heroku, developers can now instantly add, collaborate and share performance management tasks, building on the elegance and simplicity of Heroku for the Cloud.”

Heroku customers, don’t wait for management!
Available now, Heroku customers simply select New Relic RPM from Heroku’s add-ons catalog at http://addons.heroku.com. Once selected, customers can immediately begin monitoring their applications. New Relic RPM Bronze is available for free to all Heroku users. Future integrations will enable customers to upgrade to RPM Silver or Gold at preferred prices. Customers wishing to upgrade now may contact New Relic sales.


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