Help your app, help Haiti – New Relic to donate to Haiti relief

You have all seen the news broadcasts of the incredible devastation caused by the earthquakes in Haiti. In addition to the staggering loss of life, hundreds of thousands have been left without food, water, medical care, or shelter.

At New Relic we have decided to try to make a small difference by contributing $25 for each new customer account deploying RPM into at least one Java app before February 1. If your organization has Java applications, open a new account and try RPM, either RPM Lite which is free, or one of our paid subscriptions. Maybe you have friends working at other companies who use Java. Give them a shout and have them give RPM a try.

They will thank you later when they find out about how cool RPM is. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing you were part of a much needed relief effort for the people of Haiti.'

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