Happy 5,000th, New Relic!

I am truly thrilled and amazed to see New Relic announce its 5,000th production-deployed customer today.  It’s hard to believe that in two short years since launching RPM, we have reached such a milestone.

To give you a sense of what it’s like to manage the performance of  5,000 customers’ applications here are a few metrics I’d like to share with you.  All of this data comes courtesy of – you guessed it – New Relic RPM.

  • At this precise moment, we are collecting performance metric data from 78,926 Java or Ruby virtual machines.  Every minute.
  • We are collecting deep transaction trace data, including slow sql statement performance, EXPLAIN plans, and stack traces of slow call points, over 4,000 times per minute.
  • We have seen 100 new hosts (virtual or physical servers) deploy our agent in the last 12 hours.
  • Companies like Intuit, MTV and Fox Interactive Media have run our production ready, low overhead Java Thread Profiler in the last month.
  • We received 464,562 instances of metric data across our entire customer base in the last minute.
  • Our data collection tier receives this data and responds in 3.9 milliseconds.

Metric data collection rate for the last 6 hours, compared with the same time last week.

I want to thank all of our customers – from Lite all the way to Gold – for trying out RPM, giving us your feedback, and recommending us to your friends.  This kind of growth only happens when you have a vibrant customer base who spreads the word.  We really appreciate your support!

I’d also like to thank the incredible dedicated employees of New Relic.  Every day, I’m amazed at what these 32 special people are capable of accomplishing.  I’m so lucky to work with such a talented, delightful group of people.

Finally, I have to say that I’m very excited about New Relic’s future.  It is very hard for me to keep my mouth shut about what’s around the corner, but believe me, we have some pretty amazing things under development that we can’t wait to share with you.  Stay tuned.

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