Hackathon: Ready, Set, Code! @techcrunch #disrupt this weekend

There is a buzz in the air in San Francisco.  Over 900 hackers are going to be a few blocks from our headquarters, working all day Saturday and into the night to build the next big thing at this weekend’s TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. As the official application performance management provider for the event, we’re gearing up to support these guys and gals as they live the dream.

Brian Doll, our Roaming Performance Engineer will be there all day Saturday to help hackers build fast, performant apps and help them (you?!) avoid the pitfalls many new apps stumble on.  We were a new app just a few short years ago, and now we’ve scaled to monitor 24 Billion web transactions each day – we know what it takes to help startups scale.


Quick Advice?  Do yourself a favor:  Leverage cloud services while building your app. Whether it is us here at New Relic, Twilio, SendGrid, or all the other fantastic tools out there – leverage it!  We’re partnered with Heroku, EngineYard, and dozens of other providers, so if you need advice or support on hosting your app, find Brian!  We’re there to help you succeed.

We have a special one-year free special for Hackathon participants:  Just sign up here.  Do it now so you can hook us into your Ruby, PHP, Python, Java or .net app today!

Michael Arrington may not be there this weekend, but we will!  Hack on!





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