Google Compute Engine now Generally Available

Last month we announced an exciting new relationship with Google Cloud Platform as one of the the latest technology partners for Google Compute Engine.    When we look at what New Relic and Google Compute Engine offer together, never again will developers and ops people be in the dark about the performance of their applications in the Cloud.

We all know that consistency and reliability in the Cloud are absolute “must haves” when considering a Cloud Platform such as Google’s.  So one might ask, “What is the ultimate New Relic developer experience like on the Google Cloud Platform”?  From the 30,000 foot view it’s this:

The Google developer signs up for an account and deploys the appropriate New Relic language agent to their web app.  Next, he/she makes sure that the agent is relaying performance metrics to the web based New Relic UI.  To add native mobile app monitoring, add the mobile New Relic SDK to the mobile app, and it communicates with the existing New Relic account that is monitoring the web application running on Google Compute Engine; all from within the same New Relic UI.

Leverage New Relic plugins (from the New Relic gallery, or those you build) and extend what you can monitor across all aspects of application performance.

New Relic Mobile and Plugin documentation can be found here:

With the Google Compute Engine and the Google Cloud Platform, New Relic monitors and manages a connected user experience with one UI tying mobile and web app development and management together as one.

Today we’re really excited to be supporting the announcement that Google Compute Engine is now generally available to the world. This news is exciting for our customers as Google emerges a leading option for deploying compelling, relevant and engaging cloud and mobile applications with the extreme reliability and consistency we’ve all come to expect from Google.

Our message to the Google community is this:  We’ve got you covered as you deploy to the Google Cloud, whether you’re using New Relic to manage custom apps on the Google Compute Engine, and/or if you’re running Android/ iOS apps hitting back end services on Google Cloud Platform.

Try out our Pro Version trial for free by downloading and deploying New Relic for the Google Cloud and signup via From there, follow the step by step instructions and then deploy. Your first screen should look like this:


If you get stuck along the way, just go to the docs site here for help. Don’t forget to deploy the agents, deployment of the agents are needed for New Relic to work.'

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