As New Relic Partner Day kicks off an exclusive, invitation-only day of learning and networking in the run-up to FutureStack16 in San Francisco, New Relic is thrilled to announce the winners of our inaugural Global Partner Awards.

The Global Partner Awards comprise four categories:

  • Revenue Growth Award: Honoring the partner that generated the greatest amount of year-over-year growth in New Relic software revenue.
  • Platform Award: Honoring a partner that demonstrated significant investment in services and solutions and focused on the adoption of multiple New Relic products.
  • New Market Award: Honoring a partner who penetrated a new market for New Relic in either a geography or business vertical.
  • Rookie Award: Honoring a partner that has joined the New Relic Partner Program within the last year who has demonstrated significant growth in revenue, platform adoption, or new markets.

Now, let’s meet the winners!

Revenue Growth Award Winner: SHI


SHI has transformed itself from a $1 million “software-only” regional reseller into a $6+ billion global provider of information technology products and services, and the company’s commitment to this transformation is evidenced by its 82% year-over-year growth in revenue on New Relic products. Among the many deals that SHI closed to achieve this massive growth, it helped one of its clients leverage New Relic for monitoring and continuous delivery of their own solution, resulting in significant business success. This was SHI’s client’s first million-dollar deal, and New Relic was included as a part of the offering, also representing New Relic’s largest deal ever transacted through a reseller.

Honorable Mention: Claranet

New Market Award Winner: UXB

uxb-logoUXB, a cloud advisory services company with a deep focus in Application Performance Management for the enterprise, has been a New Relic partner since last year. In that short time, UXB has helped to introduce New Relic to the Brazilian market—a new territory for New Relic—by leveraging more than 10 years of experience in the region. Not only did UXB help develop a new geographic territory for New Relic but it was able to bring New Relic to specific verticals in Brazil, including the oil and gas industry, internet services, financial services, and e-commerce.

“New Relic adoption has been essential for UXB customer growth, delivering immediate time to value, accelerating problem resolution, and optimizing the customer experience. By providing our customers with compelling data analytics and insights we ultimately help grow their businesses and achieve our goal of building long-lasting customer relationships.”—Bruno Saab, CEO, UXB

Honorable Mention: ProtoSecurity

Platform Award Winner: Spark::red


A provider of Oracle Commerce hosting, Spark::red has found New Relic APM so useful in troubleshooting environment and code issues for its clients that years ago the company decided to wrap our APM solution into every deal. Realizing the value of the entire New Relic platform, and the ease of adding on these services without the overhead of adding another partner, Spark::red then began introducing other New Relic products to its clients. Impressively, Spark::red is able to say it has incorporated all five of our products into its service offering, and it continues to innovate by looking at new ways to provide higher-level business value with New Relic, including starting to develop modules for Oracle Commerce.

“For many of our e-commerce clients, a few minutes of downtime can cost tens of thousands of dollars, which is why we began including New Relic APM in our service offering several years ago. Since then we have added multiple New Relic products, giving our clients deep insights into real user traffic, transactions, and overall experience.”—Russell Moore, Co-Founder, Spark::red

Honorable Mention: Magento

Rookie Award Winner: Pivotal


In the year since New Relic and Pivotal formally announced their partnership, Pivotal has been instrumental in helping New Relic secure customers in the enterprise segment. Not only has Pivotal helped us to penetrate the segment, it has also helped to influence more deals than any other rookie partner. This aggressive growth in influence revenue can be attributed to New Relic’s importance in enabling Pivotal’s enterprise customers to digitally transform their private infrastructure into a “cloud native” developer experience by rapidly providing visibility into this transformation. This visibility, combined with Pivotal’s ability to leverage New Relic for monitoring the health of the platform itself, has created a powerful and mutually beneficial partnership in a very short period of time.

“The cloud-native revolution is predicated on the ability of modern enterprises to build reliable systems from unreliable components. To that end, New Relic is a critical partner helping our customers embark on their own digital transformation journeys. New Relic’s full-stack monitoring solutions provide true causation across all services ensuring our customers can utilize industry leading root-cause analysis with powerful monitoring of apps, containers, and VMs under management.”—Nima Badiey, Head of Business Development for Cloud Foundry, Pivotal

Honorable Mention: Digitas

The New Relic Global Partner Awards are part of the New Relic Partner Program, which is designed to help companies grow their businesses by giving them the platform they need to help their customers be successful, whether they’re hosted in cloud, on-premise, or in hybrid environments. If you’re not yet leveraging New Relic to help your customers be successful with their digital initiatives, please visit to learn more about our Partner Program and apply to become a partner.

(For more information, check out today’s Partner Program press release.)

John Gray is senior vice president of business development at New Relic. He has nearly three decades of channels leadership experience, including channels leadership for LivePerson, a SaaS leader in digital engagement, and leading technology channels for Oracle for nine years. View posts by .

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