Getting Started with SendGrid & the New Relic Platform

This is a guest post from Erika Berkland, Parnter Marketing Manager at SendGrid. SendGrid is a simple cloud-based email infrastructure and one of our Platform publishers. For more information, visit

SendGrid is a simple cloud-based email infrastructure. Our platform allows developers to easily integrate email functionality into their web and mobile applications. Through APIs or SMTP relay, developers can send and receive emails while retrieving detailed email statistics. Our users enjoy increased deliverability of email, on demand scalability and more time to focus on their product instead of taking care of email servers.

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Partnering with New Relic and providing developers with an open platform to access their email statistics was an easy decision for us. We recognized that with our integration, users will have visibility into more data in one centralized location – requiring less work and enabling them to make faster decisions. New Relic’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface is a significant benefit to our customers and integrating our email functionality into their platform was a simple and easy process.

The SendGrid Plugin
With the SendGrid plugin on the New Relic Platform, our users have the ability to see all their data in one place. They can monitor their email performance and their application performance in one location. Developers can easily access statistical monitoring and a simple ‘at-a-glance’ health check of email traffic. Our plugin includes real time information on email performance such as deliverability, engagement and compliance factors.

Our partnership with New Relic saves developers time, adds agility to the process and helps them be more productive. That’s what we’re all about — smart, fast decisions with your email data.

Getting Started
It’s easy to access your SendGrid email statistics on the New Relic dashboard. All you need is a New Relic account and a SendGrid account. Then follow these steps:

1. On the New Relic SendGrid Plugin Dashboard, find and copy your product activation key. Click Continue.

2. The App settings page opens within SendGrid. Log in if you’re not already authenticated to the SendGrid site.

SendGrid Plugin for New Relic

3. In the New Relic license key field, paste the key you copied in Step 1.

SendGrid for New Relic Settings

4. Enable the app.

Note: After the app is enabled, SendGrid sends stats to the New Relic API in five minute intervals.

5. Go to your New Relic dashboard. Your SendGrid plugin appears in the left menu. Click the SendGrid plugin to select it.

SendGrid Plugin on NewRelic Dashboard

6. A SendGrid instance displays. Click it to see your email stats.

SendGrid Instance on New Relic Dashboard

SendGrid APIs
SendGrid provides two methods of sending emails: the Web API and the SMTP API. We recommend using the SMTP API. For an explanation of the benefits of each, refer to our integration page.

Learn More About SendGrid

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