Getting Started with New Relic Insights

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Hopefully, by now you’ve heard about our new real-time analytics platform, New Relic Insights, which was released in beta just last week. There are plenty of reasons to give it a try, including the ability to: query billions of metrics in milliseconds, build custom dashboards and share them with your team, ask questions of your software, get real-time answers and iterate on those answers with even better questions.

We even built some handy tools (included in this post) to make getting started super easy, and fun! Not that it’s hard to get started with New Relic Insights. In fact, it’s actually a piece of cake, especially if you know SQL, as you’ll already have the foundations for using NRQL (New Relic Query Language). But sometimes even the most seasoned SQL superstars need a little guidance. So take a look at some of our instructions (or our opinions) on how to get started!

  • The New Relic Insights Getting Started Guide is packed with useful information, from getting familiar with the UI to building your own queries. Think of it as your very own New Relic Insights user manual (glove box not included).
  • The New Relic Insights Product Tour is ideal for you visual learners. This 90-second video covers everything from your first log in, to building and sharing dashboards, to adding custom attributes.
  • The New Relic Insights Use Cases Guide is the perfect companion to the above tutorials. When you can ask your software anything, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we created this handy doc with some common questions that’ll give you immediate value for your particular business or industry.

Have questions or just want to nerd-out with other Insights users and New Relic support folks? Right on. Just check out our new Community Forum to engage with other Insights beta users, as well as the fantastic New Relic Insights team.

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