How to Get Started with New Relic Mobile


As any mobile app developer knows, there’s always more than just code that can slow your app down. That’s why we offer New Relic Mobile, a SaaS-based mobile app monitoring solution that helps you quickly pinpoint problems and spend less time troubleshooting. To help our new users get started, we put together this comprehensive Getting Started Guide, which will give you a basic understanding of all the must-use features in New Relic Mobile, including network-level monitoring, app code diagnostics, mobile device profiles, alerting, and more. The guide is broken down by different feature groups, and teaches readers how to:

  • Gain real-time visibility into performance problems and end-user experiences
  • Understand how multiple backend (internal and third-party) services are affecting your app’s performance
  • Learn how individual components in the fragmented mobile ecosystem might be negatively impacting app performance
  • Compare the performance of multiple versions of your app to see if anything needs tuning

We’ve also dedicated an entire chapter to our Cross-System Visibility feature, particularly for those that have both New Relic Mobile as well as New Relic APM. We wanted to show our users just how advantageous it is to have both these products in a single-pane solution, how they talk to each other, and help pinpoint how the backend affects the client-side and vice versa. If you’ve not yet installed the New Relic Mobile SDK, now is the time to do it, especially since you’ll have this handy guide to help you get going. And if you still have questions that aren’t answered in the Getting Started Guide, please feel free to post your question on our Community Forum. Happy Mobile App Monitoring!

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