Improving Customer Experience Highlighted Gartner’s List of Top Tech Investments 

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is past, we’re looking forward to the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference in Las Vegas this week. The conference will focus on such hot topics as

  • Data center infrastructure management
  • Emerging storage architectures and vendors
  • Mobile application performance
  • Hybrid cloud computing
  • Business value dashboards
  • BYOD effects on networks

Gartner data center

But as CIOs modernize their technology infrastructure and refine their IT operations with their digital business in mind, it’s important to consider what CEOs and other top execs think are the most important technology investments. Helping to put that in context, Gartner’s own CEO survey from earlier this year was highlighted in a recent Forbes article (Gartner’s CEO Survey Predicts Top Technology Investments For Next Five Years, by contributor Louis Columbus).

The Gartner report says “Risk-On’ Attitudes Will Accelerate Digital Business” and that “CEOs should identify specific growth strategy target areas.” In fact, Tiffani Bovavice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, posted this related list of the top technology investments from 2014-2019 on Twitter that shows customer experience is top of mind for CEOs.

From our perspective, Bova’s chart of top tech investments for the next five years shows many of the key tech-enabled capabilities CEOs are looking for overlap with what we at New Relic call Software Analytics. New Relic explains Software Analytics this way: Software Analytics is about gathering billions and billions of data points from your live production software, including user clickstreams, mobile activity, end user experiences and transactions, and then making sense of those—providing you with business insights. Software analytics includes application performance management (APM), but extends to user behavior, business transactions, customer insights and much more. Think of it as real-time data that helps you understand how customers are connecting with your digital brand.

Of the top eleven capabilities Bova listed, at least four are related to Software Analytics, including business analytics, cloud business, big data & data science, and enhanced business reporting. That’s no coincidence, and it’s why we see Software Analytics as important: Digital businesses have a strong need for data that explains the customer experience.


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