Our Favorite FutureTalks

Ten months ago, we launched FutureTalks, a monthly series of talks highlighting some of the developer community’s most interesting projects, ideas, and people. First held in our Intergalactic Engineering HQ in Portland, FutureTalks has featured speakers like renowned Rubyist Sandi Metz, Indie Web developer Amber Case, DevOps whiz Gene Kim, and wiki legend Ward Cunningham, to name a few. Over the last year, the talks grew until soon our office was bursting with more than a hundred attendees at a time. When San Francisco wanted to join in on the fun, we brought FutureTalks down the coast for a special, limited-time Summer Series.

Futuretalk recap

With more than a dozen FutureTalks (and counting!) under our belt, we thought it was a perfect time to present a collection of our favorites. Check out these links for videos of the full talks, and be sure to join our Meetup group for updates on upcoming talks.

Python, the Next Generation: Jessica McKellar

We were fortunate to have Jessica McKellar, director of the Python Software Foundation, speak not once, but twice. Both talks were amazing, but Jessica’s stance on the Future of Python was especially powerful. In her presentation, Jessica calls out the troubling inequality prevalent in computer science education and tells us why this affects the future of open source projects like Python. She then outlines several tactics and policy changes for lessening the achievement gap in CS education.

DevOps Patterns Distilled: Gene Kim

Tripwire founder and self-proclaimed DevOps enthusiast Gene Kim visited us back in April. In his talk, Gene gave a fantastic overview of why an increasing number of high-profile companies see DevOps as so important, and how newcomers might begin to apply the DevOps philosophy in their own processes. He examines what “high-performing DevOps organizations” have in common, and offers advice to others looking to replicate their results.

Mobile Data and Contextual Analytics: Sridhar Solur

Sridhar Solur’s talk on the future of mobile data was so fascinating that we had to bring him to both FutureTalks PDX and FutureTalks SF. As the director of Cloud & Mobility at Hewlett Packard and a mentor at 500 Startups, Sridhar’s vision of the future is characterized by intelligent, data-driven solutions for everyday life. It’s a vision driven by the Internet of Things, Siri, Google Now, and other geolocation services. His talk outlines what the future of contextual reality could look like, from the grim to the promising.

More FutureTalks

If you missed them the first time around, you can catch recaps of many of the past FutureTalks in the blog posts below:

To make sure you hear about future FutureTalks, join our Meetup Groups in Portland and San Francisco. We’ll save a seat for you.

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