FutureTalks with Amber Case and Jessica McKellar

FutureTalksWith the new year in full swing, so too is the ongoing and increasingly popular FutureTalks (Portland edition) speaker series here at New Relic! This year we will continue to bring you a monthly dose of disruptive Developers, innovative Technologists and world-changing Creatives.

Given that our January talk with Amber Case sold out in less than 24 hours, and we packed 84 eager attendees into our 60 seat event space for Jessica McKellar’s talk last December, please note that we’re also working hard to accommodate all the folks that were on the waiting list. So stay tuned, as there may be a venue change in the works! In the mean time, if you missed either of these last two presentations, be sure to check out their videos below and RSVP quickly for our next FutureTalk with Sandi Metz from Duke University on February 24th!

Amber Case on “Rise of the Indie Web”

What happens when an online service you use freezes your account, loses your data, or goes out of business? Have you ever used a service by a company that suddenly went under, stranding your data? What happened to the Internet in 2003? Do you own your own identity or do you sharecrop? Who owns your data, and why?

Amber Case ponders those questions often, and they’re reflected in her background as a proponent of data ownership.

Her previous work in location-based technology led her be the current Director of Esri’s R&D Center, Portland, where she works on next-generation, location-based technology. In 2012 she was named one of National Geographic’s Emerging Explorers and made Inc Magazine’s 30 under 30 with her Aaron Parecki, with whom she founded IndieWebCamp and Geoloqi (later acquired by Esri).

Amber also uses her domain as her own personal data store and identity provider, and is is interested in furthering the ideas of Calm Technology, wearable computing, and the future of the interface. You can catch her speaking about the internet and humans in talks around the world (and her TED talk here), or follow her on Twitter @caseorganic or at caseorganic.com.

In the talk below, Amber explored covering data ownership, identity and the Indie Web, a movement that is taking back ownership of one’s own identity and data instead of sharecropping on 3rd party websites.

Jessica McKellar on “How the Internet Works”

Jessica is an entrepreneur, software engineer, and open source developer from Cambridge, MA. A Director for the Python Software Foundation, she also organizes the largest Python user group in the world. With that group she runs the Boston Python Workshop — an introductory programming pipeline that has brought hundreds of women into the local Python community and is being replicated in cities across the US.

A veteran open source contributor, Jessica’s worked on OpenHatch and the Twisted event-driven networking engine. She wrote a chapter on Twisted for The Architecture of Open Source Applications, Volume II and the second edition of O’Reilly’s Twisted Programming Networking Essentials.

In her talk, Jessica gave an introduction to the internet’s structure and protocols through fun experiments from the Python perspective. We were introduced to Python libraries like Scapy and Twisted to explore what data you reveal about yourself as you surf the Web, and how to propose marriage on your local network via ARP cache poisoning.

After an engaging presentation, we all came away with a better understand of the core Internet protocols and how design decisions from the early Internet impact us today, and were encouraged to sniff our own wireless traffic as a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.

If that wasn’t enough for you, even more awesomeness will be had in the coming months! Next up, Sandi Metz will take us on an “An Exploration of the Purpose of Rules.” You can RSVP here. Stay tuned for further announcements from @newrelic.

FutureTalks is brought to you by New Relic in collaboration with PIE and the TAO.

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