Sandi Metz Explores Rules for Object-Oriented Coding

FutureTalksThanks to an amazing and vibrant Portland tech community! The fact that there were two huge events in the city on the night of February 23rd sure didn’t seem to impact attendance at New Relic’s latest installment of our FutureTalks speaker series. We were busting at the seams with a record crowd of around 104 enthusiastic folks psyched to see the super popular Rubyist Sandi Metz share her insights on rules for object-oriented coding. As always, if you weren’t able to make it, we have you covered — you can find the full talk video below, “An Exploration on the Purpose of Rules”.

Sandi MetzFor those of you that may not know Sandi, she is a programmer who believes in simplicity — simple code and straightforward explanations — and strives for it in her code and in her writing. In the past 30+ years she’s written innumerable applications, many of which are still running today. Dealing with long-lived applications has left her deeply biased towards practical solutions that produce working and easily changed software. Sandi’s talk proposes 5 ‘little’ rules for writing object-oriented code. These rules are simple, but have enormous consequences and produce code that experts love and novices can be trusted to change. They fill the space between anarchy and order with practical, common sense. Best of all, they produce code that can be reused in novel ways, with the goal of reducing the overall cost of writing software.

Sandi did a fantastic job at giving us a comprehensive look at rules, first addressing what social scientists think about rules (including Social Rules System Theory), then sharing her own 5 rules, and finally circling back to address game theory and rule-following in humans. For more insights from Sandi, be sure to follow her on Twitter. If you’re wondering what we could possibly have in store for you next, coming up we’ll be hearing from our very own Ward Cunningham and Portlander Gene Kim. Details are still being worked out, so please stay tuned for announcements from @newrelic!

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