Tech’s Newest Marketing Skill: Engineering—A FutureTalk with Isaac Wyatt and Baxter Denney

In 2012, research firm Gartner famously predicted that by 2017, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) will spend more money on IT than do Chief Information Officers (CIOs). This trend is paving the way for a new breed of marketer: the marketing technologist.

These creative-minded and technically savvy individuals are leading marketing departments’ mass adoption of big data technologies. In turn, there’s been growing interest in tools that instantly process and correlate consumer interests while providing insights into how to best satisfy customer needs.

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The unicorns of customer big data

Our New Relic FutureTalks PDX speaker series often features talks that explore the implications of software reshaping existing industries and processes. We’ve heard from speakers on the car industry’s adoption of open-source software methodologies for autonomous driving, how online data portals can increase government transparency, and even how consumer behavior will drive a new era of contextual analytics.

In our most recent FutureTalk, New Relic’s own Isaac Wyaat and Baxter Denney explained how software is transforming the marketing industry and driving an entirely new mindset around marketing automation that’s blurring the lines between marketing and engineering.

Mad Men no more

We no longer work in a Mad Men world of traditional brand advertising where creative content goes directly out to the market. Today, the delivery mechanism is as important as the content itself, and the Internet continues to drive ever more advertising platforms and audiences.

Mad Men no more

In response, marketing departments are adding roles under “Marketing Operations” to help orchestrate campaigns where content developed by marketers connects with technical resources that can automate marketing across numerous channels. Despite the promise of this approach, though, traditional marketing departments are still struggling to adopt the myriad of technologies necessary to push their assets out to market and continue to drive business. Cue the new “Marketing Engineering” mindset, championed by marketers who debug, measure, and analyze marketing automation program flows using tools like New Relic Insights.

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In their presentation, Baxter and Isaac shared their experiences on how modern marketers can rely heavily on software platforms to engage the right audience with the right message at the right time. We learned how marketing technology, automation, and an engineering mindset is shaping not only a new type of marketer, but also a new type of engineer to help ensure platforms and tools are being used in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

Marketing operations

As a relatively new and evolving discipline within the corporate marketing function, Marketing Ops helps bridge the gap between Creative and Technology, between Marketing and Sales, and increasingly between the business and the board. Historically focused on contract processing and bare-bones marketing automation, this group is becoming a tactical partner in driving business metrics and measuring results, going beyond mere reporting to deliver insightful analytics.

Marketing Engineering

Further, Marketing Ops manages the repository of knowledge and documentation for business continuity, and acts as the CMOs “right-hand people” by providing strategic thinking around resource planning, organizational structure, and project prioritization. With the expansion of the marketer’s technological landscape, cloud-based technologies—whether bought or built—can be increasingly important tools to optimize scalability and business efficiency.

Marketing engineering

To help manage the technical side of these efforts, and create value for the business and their customers, marketing engineering has emerged as a new way of thinking. Marketing technologists apply critical thought to the flow and interactions of various marketing activities, technologies, and stakeholders to maximize the overlap of the marketer’s goals and the value delivered to the marketer’s targets. Thinking like an engineer, these folks create or adopt the tech that assists in managing marketing automation flows that measure customer interactions with the brand and emergent behaviors in a company’s audience.

For questions or requests for information on using our real-time analytics platform New Relic Insights to harness customer engagement, please reach out to Baxter and Isaac on Twitter.

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