New Relic’s FutureStack18 London conference earlier this month was an incredible event in many ways, but none more so than the sheer number of customer-led sessions. Over and over again, top practitioners highlighted New Relic’s essential role in modernizing their IT systems, their software architectures and development processes, and—perhaps most important—their team cultures.

As Den Howlett put it in his Diginomica blog post, “The event was packed out, long on customers and educational sessions yet short on marketing rhetoric.“ Den found FutureStack18 London all about “open and honest conversations of the kind we rarely hear on the event circuit but which are vital to long-term viability and success in an economy where every business is becoming a software business.”

And upon what were those conversations focused? Often, on the overwhelming importance of speed, and how companies are adopting modern software technologies and cultural best practices to move faster than ever before.

Compelling customer stories

While many of the London sessions were also featured at FutureStack18 San Francisco last month, a whole new set of New Relic customer speakers included representatives of companies like LEGO,, OLX Group,, and Trainline. With a lineup like that, it’s no surprise that standout moments abounded.

Lego’s digital moment of truth

Simon Young, Senior Engineering Manager with LEGO Group, talked about his “digital moment of truth” preparing for sales of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon set (which, by the way, should be on everyone’s holiday wish list). Simon said that “implementing New Relic was like flipping a light switch for relevant metrics” and helps LEGO scale to meet its biggest days.

At New Relic, we know that making sure your websites and applications have the availability and scalability to to cope with your biggest days is a key benefit of embracing modern software technologies and approaches. Whether your biggest days are due to a planned launch or unexpected event, you need real-time performance visibility to help avoid unpleasant surprises.

Watch Simon’s full presentation here: seeks a blameless culture

In another presentation, David Igoe, Head of Software Development at, focused on the importance of creating a blameless team culture. “Failure is inevitable,” he said, “So, let’s get awesome at it.” What does that mean in the real world? “If the customer has to tell us the problem,” David said, “we have failed.” To make sure that doesn’t happen, processes and culture are just as critical as technology. “In this competitive environment for talent,” David said, “It’s important that you invest as much in your people as you do your systems.”  

Even when you make it a priority, however, building a blameless culture isn’t easy. To help you get started, here are some simple and effective guidelines for code reviews.  

Watch David’s full presentation here: sees how software affects the bottom line

Andrew Brockway, CTO of, talked about how New Relic helps the company think about revenue: “If we ship a change, we can see if there’s an impact to the bottom line.” And as a result of getting this data into the right team’s hands, Andrew added, the organization has seen record sales conversion figures!

As’s results show, moving from a break-fix IT model to a proactive technology strategy can produce significant and quantifiable results—involving everything from TCO to productivity to boosting revenue in multiple areas. Learn more from New Relic’s Rob Peterson in 7 Ways New Relic Can Benefit Your Bottom Line.

Watch Andrew’s full presentation here:

FutureStack: more than just great presentations

Of course, in addition to the awesome action on the main stage, FutureStack18 London also included a selection of other useful and informative events:

But amidst all the serious learning and networking, one of the most memorable moments of the day may have come at the closing party, where a band in Lederhosen played oompah versions of pop hits:

Don’t miss the FutureStack18 Roadshows!

Couldn’t make it to FutureStack18 in London or San Francisco? Don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered! FutureStack18 Sydney is scheduled for Wednesday, October 17 (FutureStack18 Melbourne is Friday, October 19), and our series of FutureStack18 Roadshows are on tap for multiple locations around the world over the next several months. Don’t miss stops in New York, Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Madrid, and more than a dozen other cites: Visit for the latest FutureStack18 Roadshow information and free registration.


Event dates, speakers, and schedules are subject to change without notice.

Photography courtesy of Matthew Stokes. Oompah band video courtesy of Robson Grieve.


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