FutureStack14 Video: How Technology Changes the Way Companies Operate

FutureStack14, New Relic’s second annual technology and user conference was all about the coming together of software and data to change the world. Almost as important as the technology, though, is how those changes play out in real-world organizations that may not be structured to take advantages of large-scale transformations.

That’s where approaches like DevOps and agile methodologies can make a big difference in how companies operate. FutureStack14 featured several sessions that delved into the importance of people, process, and organizational change as both drivers of and reactions to technological changes.

The Industry Disruptors panel moderated by the Wall St. Journal’s Don Clark delved deep into these issues:

Panelist Greg Brockman, CTO of Stripe, which offers Internet-based payments infrastructures, laughingly called the “T” in his title a “total lie!” For him, the key to success isn’t choosing the right technology, but hiring and managing great people who work together really well as they key to success. That gets harder, of course, as companies grow and processes get more complex.

Panelist Colleen Berube talked about a different problem. She needed to help move Adobe from selling packaged software to a SaaS-based business. That entailed a shift from waterfall development practices to an agile/scrum approach as Adobe moved from quarterly releases to 220 releases a year! Amazingly, Berube reported that the transition also resulted in pretty significant improvements in quality, including a 50% reduction in code-related bugs in production!

And then there’s panelist Sam Parnell, CTO at Bleacher Report, which took on the big media companies and now finds its own business being transformed by the process of becoming a mobile-first company. While the company relies heavily on the vast amount of data it collects, Parnell emphasizes the ongoing importance of human decision-making as well.

Watch the video for lots more insights into how technology is changing the way traditional industries operate, from the inside to the outside.

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