FutureStack14: Changing the World with Software and Data

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FutureStack14 is not like other conferences you may have attended—unless you were at our inaugural FutureStack last year. FutureStack14 is a conference made by and designed for data nerds—from scrappy startups to thriving enterprises. It’s your chance to learn from people who are doing beautiful, important things with data and software—and get the insider’s view on how they’re doing it. As a company, New Relic believes that the future will be better because of what we can build with data and software, and FutureStack14 is intended to help us all turn that future into a reality.

Last year, our awesome FutureStack13 was about connecting the dots between software and data. FutureStack14—scheduled for October 8th and 9th in San Francisco—builds upon this theme and focuses on humanizing and celebrating data, from the speakers we selected to the session topics, from custom, interactive badge technology that enables networking to innovative ways to foster genuine connections with like-minded people.

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We have three main goals for FutureStack14:

1) Inspiration: FutureStack14 will merge data, culture, and software to help you shape the future of what you will build. Come share, collaborate, and debate with your fellow data lovers.

2) Celebration: Meet and connect with the people building the technology you love, and the people who lead better lives because of it.

3) Education: Be the first to know about the latest innovations and discoveries in software and data that are shaping the future of organizations, technology, and your engagement with customers.

How can one event do all that? We’ve already announced a stellar lineup of FutureStack14 speakers, and more are on the way soon. And we’re organizing those sessions into three complementary pathways into modern software.

Tracking the tracks

In our Technology Track, come learn from the tinkerers, the thinkers, and the coders as they discuss the ways they’re using software and data to make personal, product, business, and technical decisions. Whether you’re a hardcore techie or an executive at a Fortune 500 company, you’ll find these talks riveting and relevant to many aspects of your personal and professional life.

The New Relic Track, meanwhile, offers deep dives into our services you can’t get anywhere else—including direct access to the people who built the products for demos, pro tips, and opportunities to share feedback. Plus, you’ll get sneak peeks at the new stuff we’re cooking up!

futurestack hallway track

But that’s not all. FutureStack14’s cool new Hallway Track is an “unconference” with attendee-curated presentations on the topics you care about most. About a week prior to the event, we’ll email registrants asking for Hallway Track submissions. Attendees will get a chance to vote on the submitted talks to help us create the Hallway Track.

Pulling it all together, our crack design team is transforming 90,000 square feet of space in San Francisco’s scenic and historic Fort Mason Center—right on beautiful San Francisco Bay—into a welcoming, data-driven environment where people can’t help but have a unique experience.

For example, unlike at other conferences, FutureStack14 badges won’t be simple, boring, slips of paper, but tiny computers hanging around your neck that will use data to facilitate networking, enable cool games and contests, and much more (stay tuned for more details).

Future Stack_Reg02[1]

If that’s not enough, check out the Hacker Lounge, where you can delve into those interactive badges to make them do stuff no one’s even thought of yet. Or chat with the new Relic Team, learn about new technology, pick up swag from our partners, or just chill when you need to.

At FutureStack14, we’re going to redefine what is possible through modern software and the stories our data tells us. And we’re also going to redefine the conference experience. It’s a combination you don’t want to miss.

Join us in San Francisco, October 8th and 9thRegister for FutureStack14 Now!

Note: All images are for illustration only, the actual event will likely look even cooler

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