FutureStack14 Video: New Relic CEO Lew Cirne Explains Why Bad Software Is So Frustrating

If you’ve been following our peripatetic CEO Lew Cirne’s travels and recently, you’ve probably read about his emphasis on the importance of time, that moments matter, and that “life is too short for bad software.”

Lew has been sharing these ideas from California to Ireland, from Stanford to the Web Summit, and we’ve been reporting on it all along the way.

Well, here’s your chance to see and hear Lew’s vision for yourself. The first of the videos are now available from our FutureStack14 user and technology conference in San Francisco last month, and what better way to begin than with Lew’s opening keynote?

As we reported at the time, Lew kicked off the event introducing new products and key partners, and telling the story of how New Relic helped solve “The biggest APM problem in the history of APM,” Healthcare.gov. But in this 16-minute clip, you can also watch Lew delve into the details of why New Relic is so focused on stamping out bad software:

“When you wait 6 seconds for a page to load and you expect to be less than 1 second, why is that so frustrating? It’s only 5 seconds, right? Is this the mother of all first world problems? That we’ve got to wait 5 seconds for something…? My belief is, during that 5 seconds, while you’re forced to wait… this software is robbing you of your time by being slow.”

As Lew so eloquently put it, one of New Relic’s goals is “to deliver more joyful moments in front of software” and help us spend less of our screen time being frustrated. If that’s not a noble calling, what is?

This is only the beginning of the videos that we’ll be posting from FutureStack14. Look for many more in the coming days and weeks.


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