FutureStack14 Video: Gamechangers— Lending Club CTO John Macllwaine and VenueNext founder and CEO John Paul

The increasing importance of software and data are the changing the game for many companies. Maybe that’s why New Relic founder and CEO Lew Cirne interviewed an actual pair of game changers at our FutureStack14 conference last month for a session called Game Changers: A Look Into the Technology Shift Redefining Traditional Industries.

As you can see in the video below, Lew talked with VenueNext founder and CEO John Paul and Lending Club CTO John Macllwaine about how their companies’ use of software and data is changing the game.

That’s literally true for VenueNext, whose first product is a mobile app for Levi’s Stadium, the new home of the San Francisco 49ers. Designed to help encourage people to get off their couches and actually attend live events, the venue-specific, context-aware app instantly connects event-goers with everything a venue has to offer—from tickets to in-seat food and beverage delivery to instant replays—using just their smartphones. According to Paul, usage—as measured by New Relic, naturally—has already surpassed his “wildest dreams,” topping 30% after just three games. The app is now available to venues around the world, and Paul noted that other NFL teams are already interested in licensing it.

For Lending Club, the game being changed is arguably even more important than football. “We think at Lending Club that now is the time to disrupt the banking system,” said MacIlwaine. He may be right. Asking the FutureStack14 audience for a show of hands, “Who loves to walk into their bank and talk to their banker in the branch and get a loan?” he got very few takers. By using data to drive innovation and change, MacIlwaine said, Lending Club can be more efficient and decrease the interest rate spread between borrowers and lenders—so everyone wins.

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