Make the Internet Faster! Learn How from Fastly’s CEO Artur Bergman

One of the most popular and well received presentations at FutureStack13–our first-ever technology conference–was Fastly’s Artur Bergman’s ‘Latency is a Mind Killer’ presentation. Artur is hilarious, quirky and pretty damn smart. A particularly funny highlight of his presentation involved how he taught his former colleagues at Wikia about latency using real-world examples. The short version is that he routed all of their office’s traffic through Frankfurt instead of San Jose, causing noticeable delays. As you’d imagine, people started complaining about speed and Artur’s point about latency was very memorably made for everyone.

Unfortunately, latency is pervasive. It’s present at every level of the stack and it leaves many of our expensive resources tied up. With a focus on the larger performance implications of latency, Artur’s presentation provides a deeper exploration into why things are slow–and why it’s our responsibility to better understand and fix our collective stacks. By drawing upon his experience of building and running a CDN with servers around the world that have a singular mission–delivering data as fast as possible–Artur takes us on a whirlwind tour through TCP, monitoring performance, SSL, User perception and more.

Enjoy Artur’s presentation, and stay tuned for updates on next year’s FutureStack14–here on the New Relic blog!

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