FutureStack Sponsor Spotlight: Fastly

fastly_logoThis is a guest post by Duretti Hirpa, Engineer at Fastly, the next generation cloud acceleration platform and FutureStack sponsor. Alan Kay famously said that “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” That’s what we’re trying to do at Fastly. We’re obsessed with curing the challenges presented by growth, as well as trying to bridge the gap (as best we can) between hardware and software. For us, the monster in the closet, the dragon to slay, so to speak, is latency. When you build systems and applications at scale, latency is a serial problem that affects every aspect of the customer experience. Fastly was created to solve that problem. Our team is all about “making it work” – identifying a problem and working tirelessly to find the solution. When Artur was CTO at Wikia, he couldn’t find a CDN to fit his needs, so he built it himself. When our customers request new features like the Historical Stats Tool, we deliver them. We jumped at the opportunity to sponsor the FutureStack scholarship program and share our roll-your-sleeves-up attitude with the scholarship recipients. At a simplistic level, software is about distilling ideas. FutureStack is a great way for us to collectively huddle up and share different experiences and perspectives. A motley crew can dream up any number of distinct ideas, whereas a more homogeneous group is likely to keep coming up with the same old uninspired drivel. By becoming more inclusive, we create better software and technology – and we do it faster. Be sure to join us for Fastly CEO Artur Bergman’s session, Latency is the Mind Killer, on Friday, October 25th at 4:10pm. Artur will provide an exploration in why things are slow — and why it is our responsibility to understand our stack so we can fix it. About Fastly: Founded in 2011, Fastly is a next generation cloud acceleration platform. At Fastly, we think slow is unacceptable. Fastly enables a next-generation of businesses to give their users the best web and mobile experience. Our patent-pending Fastly Caching Software delivers static, dynamic, and streaming content with the lowest recorded latency. Our customers, including Github, Etsy, Shazam, Twitter, Wanelo, Wikia, and Yammer, know that every microsecond counts and trust Fastly to move their business. To try Fastly, visit us at www.fastly.com.

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