FutureStack Sponsor Spotlight: CloudBees – The Cloud and the Fall of Giants


This is a guest post by Sacha Labourey, Founder and CEO of CloudBees, the Java PaaS company, and FutureStack sponsor.

In just a few years, the cloud has started challenging a well-established two-decades-long software and hardware license-based business model. While worldwide server revenues were declining more than 6% in the second quarter of 2013, AWS is expected to reach close to $4b of revenues in 2013. This battle of numbers reflects a profound underlying change in the IT industry: the move from a hardware and software industry to a services industry, where IT no longer involves assets you acquire, install, setup and maintain, but instead becomes a service you consume, on-demand.

This shift and its profound impact on both IT vendors and IT buyers will be the topic of my FutureStack13 session, The Cloud and the Fall of Giants, this Thursday @ 11:55am.

For more than 3 years now, CloudBees has been offering a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enables developers in SMB and enterprises to drastically increase their productivity and reduce their time to market. CloudBees PaaS covers the complete application lifecycle, from development, testing, staging and to production, and can securely connect to on-premises resources. This capability makes it possible to benefit from a “Fast IT” environment in the cloud while leveraging the “Core IT” assets on-premises – the best of both worlds, à la carte.

CloudBees is also thrilled to be a FutureStack13 sponsor. We strongly believe that cloud comes as a wake-up call for the old ways of licensing and providing software. FutureSack13 offers a chance for our industry’s best and brightest to share ideas on how to build the next “better and brighter” stack.

See you soon at FutureStack13!


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