FutureStack Sponsor Spotlight: Datapipe

This is a guest post by Ed Laczynski, Senior Vice President of Cloud Services at Datapipe, a global provider of managed services and infrastructure for outsourced IT and cloud computing, and FutureStack sponsor.


Datapipe is proud to sponsor FutureStack13. We choose to sponsor FutureStack to participate in a one of kind environment of innovative developers, experienced influencers, and ground breaking technology providers. We are especially proud to be a scholarship sponsor because we believe in helping talented developers get exposure to the best tools on the market for their craft. The brain trust of influencers, hiring managers, and attendees at FutureStack presents an opportunity for developers to accelerate their career development, and foster a mindset to build disruptive applications that have the potential to change the world.

Since this is a show about the future for modern software we thought we’d share our own thoughts on the future for modern software. Datapipe has always been on the forefront of enabling businesses to get the most out of technology infrastructure. We see more of our customers leveraging cloud services, and building tools that allow businesses to get to market quickly, operate at scale, and drive excellence in service quality, without having to make large capital investments in undifferentiated equipment and datacenters. We see the cloud as a strategic domain that has been the impetus behind strategic moves such as our recent acquisition of Newvem, and Datapipe’s Stratosphere HPC green cloud platform that delivers on-demand scalability combined with unmatched power efficiency.

We’ve seen a major shift in the enterprise towards “cloud first” – everything from software, to business processes, to infrastructure decisions are being made through this lens. IT vendors need to reinvent themselves in order to stay in the game. One of the more interesting evolutions is in the DevOps domain. Test-driven development that was proven by next generation technology players github and LinkedIn is becoming mainstream for application delivery. Traditional R&D organizations will be forced to perform short cycles of development, and need tools to enable this transformation.

We believe that the enterprise cloud market is coming out of its infancy. Enterprise CIO’s are still challenged by the notion that the cloud is `uncontrolled` and `not secure’. We are excited to see how cloud management has evolved to the point where CIOs will be able to gain real transparency and control over their cloud and virtual assets.

We see FutureStack as an opportunity to engage open minded and tenacious developers who are creating cutting edge applications and implementing innovative practices to accelerate time to market. We’re excited to hear innovative stories from open minded developers that use New Relic everyday, as well as industry insight from the speakers and business leaders attending the event.

About Datapipe:

As a single provider solution for mission critical IT and cloud services, Datapipe enables global reach, complex business critical workloads, compliance and security, in the cloud and in high performance hybrid environments. Datapipe recently acquired Newvem, who’sAWS Cost and Usage application is available onNewRelic’s Plugin Central. More about Datapipe here: www.datapipe.com


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