Lots of different things go into making an event like FutureStack15 so compelling. You need great speakers, innovative design, easy networking opportunities, exciting entertainment, and a lot more. But in a very real sense, it’s the sponsors and exhibitors that make FutureStack15 so informative and useful.

Last week, we published a blog post from guest author John Engates, CTO of FutureStack15 Platinum Sponsor Rackspace, but we also want to make sure to acknowledge our entire roster of sponsors. (See Rackspace CTO John Engates on Making Data-Driven Business Decisions.)

You can scan the complete list here, but read on for more insight into the technology leaders supporting FutureStack15.

Platinum: Rackspace

Gold: BigPanda / Datadog / PagerDuty

Silver: IMMUNIO / Loggly Praecipio Consulting Open Shift by Red Hat

Bronze: Nouvola / NS1 Twilio VictorOps xMatters Zenoss


pagerduty logo: futurestack15 sponsorPagerDuty: Gold Sponsor

PagerDuty’s operations performance platform reliably increases the uptime of business applications, services, and infrastructure. By connecting people, systems, and data into a single view, PagerDuty helps all teams—from DevOps to Enterprise IT—deliver powerful visibility and improved incident resolution times.

The API-based PagerDuty/New Relic integration helps customers minimize downtime caused by outages. New Relic users send events to PagerDuty, which turns it into an incident and notifies the on-call engineer. PagerDuty handles all the scheduling, user contact information, and analytics, too.

datadog logo: futurestack15 sponsorDatadog: Gold Sponsor

Datadog is a full-stack monitoring service for large-scale cloud environments. It aggregates metrics/events from servers, databases, and applications, and its SaaS-based data analytics platform helps dev and ops teams resolve performance issues and ensure timely completion of dev/deployment cycles. Datadog delivers sophisticated, actionable alerts, and provides real-time visibility of your entire infrastructure.

Using Datadog, DevOps teams can visualize and correlate New Relic metrics with data from anywhere in their infrastructure. Datadog makes it easy to share and comment on New Relic data, to set alerts, and also powers real-time viewing and ad-hoc investigation of your entire stack.

bigpanda logo: futurestack15 sponsorBigPanda: Gold Sponsor

BigPanda is a data science platform for centralizing and correlating all of your IT alerts. It helps IT teams detect and resolve critical issues faster by using data science to correlate massive volumes of noisy IT alerts from fragmented clouds, applications, services, and systems and automatically turns them into actionable insights to reduce MTTR and improve DevOps productivity. BigPanda helps modern apps perform better, self-diagnose issues, and auto-remediate them when they occur. The goal is to solve the machine-generated problem of noisy IT alerts and liberate DevOps to collaborate and innovate.

New Relic provides unparalleled visibility into app health. BigPanda provides unparalleled visibility into how to resolve app issues quickly when they occur. Not surprisingly, the integration with New Relic is one of the most popular of the 50 monitoring apps supported. 

openshift logo: futurestack15 sponsorOpenShift by Red Hat: Silver Sponsor

OpenShift is Red Hat’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that helps developers quickly develop, host, and scale applications in a cloud environment. OpenShift gives developers a choice of offerings, including online, on premise, and open source project options.

OpenShift with New Relic provides the combined solution that developers and IT need for implementing their DevOps deployments. New Relic agents help customers monitor their applications deployed on the OpenShift platform. Providing a tightly integrated stack including OpenShift and New Relic to accelerate application development and monitor application performance is the end game for joint customers utilizing the modern software stack.

Praecipio Consulting: Silver Sponsor

praecipio consulting logo: futurestack15 sponsorPraecipio Consulting is an IT and business process consulting company focused on the Atlassian toolset. Praecipio Consulting provides first-class services to clients of all industries and sizes. As Atlassian Platinum Enterprise experts, the company leverages software to optimize all facets of processes like SDLC, ITSM, and BPM.

Praecipio works to bring major companies the best in software and best practices to seamlessly align their entire business process using tools like New Relic and Atlassian. New Relic and Atlassian are designed to integrate seamlessly to help boost the ROI of the Atlassian product line. As New Relic technology partners, Praecipio teams the tools with Atlassian products to enhance monitoring and enhance performance.

loggly logo: futurestack15 sponsorLoggly: Silver Sponsor

Loggly is the world’s most popular cloud-based, enterprise-class log management solution, helping more than 6,000 customers to reveal what matters, so that they have the insights needed to produce quality code and deliver a great user experience.

Loggly’s free Chrome extension provides single-click access from a New Relic view into the same view in Loggly, making it simpler for DevOps to answer inevitable “why” questions that software analytics spawn during performance bottleneck identification, root cause analysis, or resolving cross-application issues. Loggly believes the future of the modern software stack is in agility and elasticity, and a big part of that is focusing developer effort on the things that differentiate a software product and leaving the infrastructure to third-party services.

immunio logo: futurestack15 sponsorIMMUNIO: Silver Sponsor

IMMUNIO offers easy and effective real-time protection for your Web apps. Adding IMMUNIO as a dependency to your app covers the most common attack vectors, including Cross-Site Scripting, CSRF Tampering, Remote Command Execution, Directory Traversal, and many more.

IMMUNIO integrates with the most popular Web technologies and frameworks—and if you use New Relic, you already know how to use IMMUNIO. It’s that easy.

zenoss logo: futurestack15 sponsorZenoss: Bronze Sponsor

Zenoss powers intelligent data centers with patented, agentless, and hyper­scalable IT monitoring technology. Zenoss intelligently manages the complexity of hybrid cloud, converged, and multi­vendor IT infrastructures.

When a customer is alerted to a problem with an application, the organization needs to quickly determine the root cause so that the issue can be addressed. Zenoss Service Dynamics’ patented impact analysis combines application knowledge from New Relic with infrastructure knowledge to help ensure that the proper team is dispatched.

nouvola logo: futurestack15 sponsorNouvola: Bronze Sponsor

Nouvola is the cloud performance testing and analytics solution that developers love. Nouvola helps you quickly find and fix cloud performance issues before they become a problem. Nouvola’s elegant yet powerful performance testing and performance analytics solution enables customers to test Web applications, mobile applications, and APIs within the same framework.

Delivering performance and a positive user experience is a key concern for software today. Nouvola helps customers proactively measure responsiveness of the application under various real-world workflows and traffic scenarios, and pinpoint bottlenecks in the stack and in the infrastructure. Nouvola is excited to be a New Relic partner—find our New Relic plug-in here—and the new Nouvola DiveCloud integrates data from the New Relic agent with performance testing results and Nouvola proprietary machine learning technology.

twilio logo: futurestack15 sponsorTwilio: Bronze Sponsor

Twilio provides a software and cloud-based communications platform that enables developers and businesses to build communications solutions that meet their specific needs. Twilio is changing communications by empowering the creation of cloud-based, scalable, and user-focused communications apps. Twilio believes that API-based “no-stack” microservices will power the software stack of modern startups, allowing them to build and iterate new experiences faster.

Using the Twilio plugin for New Relic, you can pull in near real-time usage data from the Twilio API, and integrate that data into the comprehensive monitoring tools provided by New Relic to understand your voice and messaging traffic.

xmatters logo: futurestack15 sponsorxMatters: Bronze Sponsor

xMatters’ cloud­-based communication solutions enable business processes or applications to trigger two­-way communications (text, voice, email, SMS, etc.) throughout the enterprise during incidents such as IT failures, product recalls, natural disasters, dynamic staffing, service outages, medical emergencies, and supply chain disruptions.

xMatters connects insights from systems like New Relic to the people that matter in order to accelerate essential business processes and minimize the impact of technology disruptions.

victorops logo: futurestack15 sponsorVictorOps: Bronze Sponsor

VictorOps is a real­-time incident management platform that emboldens IT and DevOps teams to handle incidents as they occur—and prepare for the next one. VictorOps tackles the entire incident lifecycle, all the way though resolution.

VictorOps integrates with New Relic to detect and solve anomalies associated with the customer’s infrastructure. New Relic outputs come through VictorOps to give team members real-time insights into what’s going on to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

ns1 logo: futurestack15 sponsorNS1: Bronze Sponsor

Anchored on the company’s unique Filter Chain routing engine, NS1’s platform uses infrastructure, network, and application data to make intelligent routing decisions in real time. NS1 is the first intelligent DNS and traffic management provider, purpose-built to deliver optimal performance and reliability for the most demanding, mission-­critical applications

NS1 ingests infrastructure telemetry—from New Relic and its other integration partners—and uses it for global traffic management at the DNS layer. The company’s goal is to bring innovation to the DNS industry by reimagining the way applications are built and delivered.


All our sponsors share New Relic’s vision of the importance of modern software, and we appreciate the chance to acknowledge the important role they play in making FutureStack15 a great event.

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Note: Event dates, speakers, and schedules are subject to change without notice.

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