In a world where every company is becoming a software company, FutureStack18, New Relic’s innovative and informative technology conference, is designed to help our customers transcend the challenges faced by modern and rapidly modernizing software teams as they adopt new technologies and practices.

To help make the power of FutureStack available to even more of the New Relic community, this year we’re bringing our deeply technical conference to three global technology centers—and eliminating registration fees for all three events:

  • San Francisco: September 11, 2018, Park Central Hotel [register now!]
  • London: October 2, 2018, Kings Place [registration opening soon]
  • Sydney: October 17, 2018, Hyatt Regency [registration opening soon]

In addition, we are also launching a series of FutureStack Roadshow events in cities around the world. The FutureStack Roadshows will include great FutureStack content as well as New Relic University training courses. The North American FutureStack Roadshow lineup includes New York City (October 30, 2018), Toronto (January 8, 2019), Boston (January 10), Atlanta (January 30), and Washington, D.C. (February 7), as well as Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle in early in 2019. Stay tuned for more information on the North American dates, as well as many more FutureStack Roadshow stops in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific Region.

Why FutureStack18 is so important

As software increasingly dominates how companies deliver their customer experience, smart companies know they must get better at building software to stay ahead of the competition. To do that successfully, they have to embrace new technologies, including cloud services, containers, orchestration, and distributed architectures.

futurestack logoBut that’s only part of what’s required. To fully leverage those technologies, they also need to institute significant changes in their development and operations organizations and practices, such as DevOps and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD). And as that effort, in turn, unearths more information about what’s really going on in their systems, they realize they need to re-evaluate their overall observability strategy to fully understand how their applications and infrastructure are actually performing. That’s what FutureStack18 is all about: education and shared experiences around these changes.

FutureStack18 is a huge opportunity to connect with other New Relic customers who have gone through these changes, as well as to learn from the technical leaders in our own organization about how New Relic can help make these transformations happen faster, easier, and with less risk.

We are working hard to make sure that FutureStack18 attendees at every level—from individual contributors in operations, development, and site reliability engineering up to CTOs and other corporate leaders—will walk away more confident and better able to bravely undertake these essential shifts in their organizations.

What you’ll learn at FutureStack18

At FutureStack, you’ll learn from leading experts, leaders, and practitioners who have real-world experience to share around how to do this successfully at scale. You’ll hear about the cultural and measurement practices that support great agile teams. You’ll learn about how to adopt new technologies like containers, orchestration platforms, and cloud infrastructure/services without losing sight of the customer experience or application performance. You’ll become versed in how to implement New Relic and the associated ecosystem to help with your biggest initiatives. More than anything, you’ll walk away knowing that you can confidently face these changes with a strategy that allows your business and teams to transform into a high-performing modern software organization.


New Relic CEO Lew Cirne at last year’s FutureStack keynote presentation.

What will happen at FutureStack18

In addition to general sessions on the main stage with inspiring speakers focusing on new innovations and real-world customer stories, FutureStack18 includes New Relic University training designed to boost your product skills and help you gain New Relic certification. In addition, there are four distinct tracks, each aimed at a particular audience:

  1. The secrets of high-performing modern software teams: Shipping better software faster and at scale is no longer a luxury; it’s a requirement for business success. The teams that build and maintain the complex, distributed systems that underpin today’s digital experiences need to collaborate effectively, improve continuously, and prioritize intelligently. Join this track to learn the key habits and approaches that can help your team go faster at scale.
  2. Cloud, distributed systems, and modern technologies: Emerging software architecture patterns, new cloud services, and the rise of containers and orchestration challenge teams to build performant software leveraging the most powerful new technologies. This track will share best practices from leading developers and site reliability engineers (SREs) working with massive distributed systems while deploying more frequently. Put simply: learn about building and operating fast, resilient systems at scale from experts who are doing it every day.
  3. Executive track—digital transformation in the enterprise: As enterprises scramble to accelerate digital transformation, they face key challenges around adopting new technologies like cloud computing, DevOps, agile development, and more. It all adds up to a fundamental rethink of how the business is organized to focus on the digital customer experience. We’re bringing together industry-leading technology executives for an open roundtable discussion about their digital journeys, including emerging patterns of success as well as lessons learned in the journey toward becoming a data-driven business.
  4. Partner forum: The partner forum at FutureStack18 is designed to provide the insight, inspiration, and experiences needed to leverage your New Relic partnership in powerful new ways. Partners will hear from New Relic experts and industry thought leaders and enjoy session specifically requested by our partners.

Learn more and register now! 

If you’ve been to a FutureStack event before, you know how informative, useful, and exciting they are. If you’ve never attended FutureStack, you’re in luck this year because FutureStack18 is designed to make it possible for even more New Relic customers to enjoy these benefits by offering events on three continents, all free of charge.

  • San Francisco: September 11, 2018, Park Central Hotel [register now!]
  • London: October 2, 2018, Kings Place [registration opening soon]
  • Sydney: October 17, 2018, Hyatt Regency [registration opening soon]

For more information, visit the FutureStack website and stay tuned to the New Relic blog and follow @FutureStack on Twitter to be the first to hear about newly announced FutureStack18 keynotes, speakers, and sessions. In the meantime, watch this short video preview of FutureStack18:

Check out photos from last year’s FutureStack World Tour:

nadya duke boone onstage at futurestack

futurestack sydney

matthew flaming and liz fong-jones at futurestack

futurestack training

futurestack attendees

ray wang at futurestack new york

futurestack new york party

futurestack new york party


Note: Event dates, speakers, and schedules are subject to change without notice.

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