With companies in every industry and every corner of the world experiencing the transformative power of software—the mantra “Every Business Is a Software Business” is pretty much accepted truth.

But what does that mantra mean in the trenches? How is it affecting how companies operate, the decisions they make, and the capabilities they prioritize?

To get some answers, we invited thought leaders from key New Relic customers—and our experts—to share their perspectives at our recent FutureStack: London event. Moderated by New Relic Director of Digital Intelligence Neil MacGowan, the panel featured

futurestack london panel

Media companies, for example, have long depended on software to operate, but today their customers are also relying on software to get the news they most want to read. How has this profound change affected the media industry?

According to Shaw at News UK, the digital revolution has allowed modern media companies to understand their readership better than has ever been possible before: “The ability to understand where our users are, what they’re clicking on, whether our page views are up or down, what particular page is trending … everything we’re doing now is about data collection.”

And that’s only the beginning. To hear all the panelists share their hard-won insights into how the central role of software is affecting their company and their industry—including real-world examples of how the ability to respond to peaks in demand is more important than ever—watch their full discussion in the video below:

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