Recently, and rapidly, enterprise IT infrastructure has become disposable. Thanks to the cloud, infrastructure is evolving into a flexible, virtual resource presenting many exciting opportunities for today’s digital businesses. But realizing those opportunities often means stringing together a diverse array of systems, which can present significant challenges—especially if you can’t see exactly what is going on.

“All of the complication that comes from all those systems working together requires great, adaptive visibility,” explained Greg Unrein, VP of product management for New Relic APM and Infrastructure, in a FutureStack: London talk entitled “Monitoring Dynamic Infrastructure with New Relic.”

The key word there is adaptive, Greg told the UK attendees. “If you’re not building systems that can respond to change, those systems probably aren’t going to be very useful over time.” The answer, he stressed, was to make the process iterative: “Make yourself more and more adaptive over time.”

alberto gomez at futurestack london

Alberto Gomez, director of product management for cloud integration, New Relic

Having introduced the thinking behind New Relic Infrastructure, as well as the flexible pricing structure that makes it so valuable, Greg handed it over to Alberto Gomez, director of product management for cloud integration, for a detailed demo of the Infrastructure software development kit and the unprecedented visibility it can offer.

Watch the video below to see Greg and Alberto’s informative presentation in full:

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