Today we kicked off the second stop on our FutureStack Global Tour in Berlin. Hundreds of developers, operations leaders, solution architects, and business leaders gathered in the German capital to learn more about how to leverage Digital Intelligence for business success—and, of course, to share their stories and network with their peers.

A different kind of Eurozone

New Relic CEO and Founder Lew Cirne kicked off the event in style by announcing New Relic’s first ever European availability zone. Expected to launch in 2018 right here in Germany, this zone will enable our customers to access the full power of New Relic’s cloud-based platform, with full confidence that their data remains within Europe—a key compliance and security consideration for many companies.

lew cirne futurestack berlin

Lew also used his keynote presentation to share his insights into three common goals for New Relic customers, in Europe, and around the world:

  1. Successfully adopt the cloud. Whether that means migrating existing workloads or deploying new workloads in the cloud, more and more enterprises want to get out of the data center business so they focus on what they do best.
  2. Adopt DevOps methodologies to break down the walls between developers and operations. Digital is a team sport that requires multiple roles working together to move at the speed of business today.
  3. The digital customer experience is the brand experience. “There’s no room for error when it comes to delivering a great customer experience,” Lew told the crowd. He cited analyst findings that about half of customers won’t give you a second chance if they experience performance issues with your app.

“To understand the performance of your digital business today,” Lew continued, “it’s important that everything must be instrumented.” The New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform is designed to do just that, from the frontend app sitting on a mobile device or browser, to the application as well as the underlying backend infrastructure.

futurestack berlin nadya duke boone presentation

Lew also welcomed New Relic Senior Product Manager Nadya Duke Boone to the stage to demo Health Map and Dynamic Baseline Alerts, new features that use AI and machine learning to help our customers predict the future of their apps’ performance.

New Relic customers share stories

In addition to exciting product demos, the day-long event also offered insights into how New Relic develops our products, along with hands-on training sessions to help attendees get even more out of New Relic. But for many the highlight of the event was the opportunity to learn from other New Relic customers.

Gerald Madlmayr, Performance Manager at ProSiebenSat.1 Media, explained how the company draws inspiration from Peter Drucker’s famous quote, “What gets measured gets managed,” to ensure it instruments everything. He knows that 80% of customers won’t come back to a website if they suffer slow performance. Using New Relic, he said, ProSiebenSat.1 Media has created a culture where “speed is a habit.”

Later in the day, a customer roundtable focused on digital transformation. “The speed of our industry is not slowing down and will only pick up the pace in the future,” said Matthias Schmidt, head of development at DFL Digital Sports GmbH. In response, he explained, “We are moving to a microservices architecture to help us deploy more frequently.”

futurestack berlin panel presentation

Jason Green, CTO of DaWanda, discussed the importance of creating an engineering-driven culture, which he defined as understanding which core performance metrics actually drive your business—and how to measure those factors. New Relic helps DaWanda’s whole team understand what’s happening across their systems at scale.

Similarly, Rob Ginda, head of online shops at 21sportsgroup, talked about how his team creates New Relic dashboards to collaborate with other teams across the organization. For example, they recently worked with Planet Sports’ marketing team, which is responsible for sending out customer newsletters. Rob’s team provided data from New Relic to help the marketers understand the effectiveness of the newsletters in real time. As a result, the marketing team could see the effects of their changes and adjust the campaign for maximum business impact.

Finally, Jesko Thiele, senior developer of mobile at Immobilien Scout GmbH, talked about how monitoring helps his company be more proactive. Before New Relic, it was often stuck in reactive mode, fixing issues only when they directly affected customers. With New Relic they now often discover and fix errors before most customers even see them.

But perhaps the most telling quote of the day came from a customer who said that after deploying New Relic, “That’s when I started sleeping well.”

At New Relic, we’re incredibly proud to deliver metrics, alerts, dashboards, and insights to thousands of customers. But knowing that we also deliver peace of mind? That’s what helps us sleep at night.

Check out photos from the event below:

futurestack berlin checkin

futurestack berlin check in

futurestack berlin product display

futurestack berlin presentation

futurestack berlin pivotal presentation

futurestack berlin lunch

futurestack berlin panel presentation

futurestack berlin crowd

futurestack berlin afterparty

See more photos from the event here on Storify.

New Relic in New York

A huge thanks to all of the customers, partners, speakers, and attendees for making FutureStack: Berlin such a huge success. Next stop, FutureStack: New York on September 13 and 14! Early bird pricing for our 2-day flagship event is available until July 15. Be sure to save your spot—register here today.

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Note: Event dates, speakers, and schedules are subject to change without notice. FutureStack: Berlin photos by Jörg Parsick-Mathieu.

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