Are you a careful driver? Does it drive you crazy to pay the same insurance premiums as lead-foot boy racers who habitually shatter speed limits, text while driving, or nonchalantly slip behind the wheel when buzzed? If so, you’re not alone.

Auto insurers share your pain. That’s why Allianz X, the “company-building” arm of Allianz Group, invested in MileBox, an mobile app that rewards users for responsible driving while also collecting data that enables insurers to track (and even predict) user driving patterns.

As Albert Stepanyan, former CTO of Allianz X, explained in his FutureStack: Berlin talk “Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence ROI,” the road from the initial idea for MileBox to a functional mobile app was bumpy to say the least. As he explained, collecting telematics data from moving vehicles is particularly tricky, with challenges such as areas of spotty coverage, cars driving through tunnels, and drivers zooming down Germany’s infamous Autobahn.

milebox cto albert stepanyan on stage at futurestack berlin

Albert recounted having met New Relic representatives at a San Francisco technology conference way back in 2013, and how the company—and New Relic Mobile in particular—came to mind after his CEO kept calling in the middle of the night asking for a working product ETA.

Using New Relic to analyze the real-time data they were collecting helped Albert and his team to optimize their app. “Now the application is running flawlessly in three countries,” Albert said, “And we don’t experience any downtime.”

To learn more about how MileBox used New Relic Mobile to accelerate its success, watch Albert’s full presentation in the video below:

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