Imagine a developer builds a new chat app for his or her company. If it survives testing, it’s ready to be shipped. Once it’s out in the world, business stakeholders want to know how many messages are being sent and received, while operations folks are keeping tabs on server response times.

According to Guido Serra, performance engineer at OLX Group, these are simply different approaches to answering the same important question: how good is the company’s digital customer experience? In his presentation at FutureStack17: Berlin, “Getting Business Onboard to Sponsor Adoption of Product Instrumentation,” Guido stressed that New Relic dashboards are a great way to enable all teams to answer that question together.

guido serra of OLX on stage at futurestack berlin

OLX Group operates multiple platforms (letgo, for example) for the buying and selling of used goods. Active in more than 40 countries worldwide, and running the number one app in 22 of those territories, the company serves 75 million monthly active users across its portfolio of brands. In its quest to become “Craigslist 2.0,” the company must be certain all of its teams have the visibility needed to make data-driven decisions that will move the business forward.

When OLX Group installed New Relic a year ago and began seeing the performance of its applications, Guido said, the company immediately enjoyed some “quick wins.” But what excites Guido the most is the potential for every business unit in the company to have its own product dashboard so all teams are on the same page and working toward the same goals. “We want to empower people to see what’s going on at every level,” he told the FutureStack audience, “Not just from an operations perspective but also from a business perspective.”

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