New Relic welcomed its fellow data nerd partners at the fourth annual Partner Day, held last week at AT&T Park in San Francisco to kick off the FutureStack user conference. While the city was shrouded in its usual fog, the outlook for New Relic’s partners was clear and sunny, as we welcomed more than 150 attendees from partners including systems integrators, cloud platform providers, managed service providers, resellers, and digital agencies.

The New Relic Partner Program includes hundreds of companies that embed, resell, or recommend our products around the world. In addition to the power of New Relic products, members of the Partner Program enjoy many benefits, including product, technical, and partner sales training; access to exclusive partner events; regular updates from New Relic through the partner portal and quarterly partner calls; and much more.

Speakers, networking, partner recognition, and a vision for the future

The day’s focus was all about how partnering with New Relic helps foster success, and how we’re looking to enhance the New Relic Partner Program going forward. Speakers from New Relic included Founder and CEO Lew Cirne, President Hilarie Koplow-McAdams, and SVP of Business Development John Gray.

We were also proud to have multiple partners on stage with us, including Platinum FutureStack16 sponsors AWS, Google Platform, and Pivotal. The speakers shared how working with New Relic has enabled them to help their customers grow their digital businesses. And, of course, we honored the winners of the first ever annual New Relic Partner awards: SHI, UXB, Spark::red, and Pivotal!

New Relic and Pivotal: Sharing empathy

Rookie Award winner Pivotal was highlighted with a fireside chat between Nima Badiey, head of business development at Pivotal, and Steven Sheinfield, senior business development manager at New Relic. The theme? Pivotal’s focus on the value of empathy.

As Nima explained, good partners empathize with their customers and the problems they’re trying to solve. Pivotal chose to collaborate with New Relic because our advanced application and infrastructure monitoring capabilities helped developers running apps on the Cloud Foundry platform better empathize with customers experiencing hard-to-diagnose reliability and performance problems.

Nima Badiey and Steven Sheinfield

New Relic’s Steven Sheinfield (left) and Pivotal’s Nima Badiey on stage.

“The root-cause-analysis capabilities in New Relic products help solve the new set of challenges created by a decoupled cloud-native microservices architecture,” Nima said. “With so many moving parts invoking composable services, it can be difficult to identify the underlying cause of performance or stability issues.” Using New Relic to get the metrics and data they need to see how their apps and services are performing means troubleshooting issues with Pivotal can happen more quickly and with real performance data.

As the relationship built over time, Pivotal has expanded its engagement to advocate for leading-edge APM services like New Relic during the sales process as a critical part of any digital transformation journey. This is an opportunity to provide our shared prospective customers with insights into the digital interactions delivered through Pivotal’s products and services.

The power of a partner ecosystem: AWS and Slalom

Partner Day attendees also heard from Terry Wise, vice president of channels and alliances at Amazon Web Services, and Joel Rosenberger, managing director and cloud CTO of Slalom Consulting. Terry and Joel swapped stories illustrating how working together as partners can be a core strategy for increasing everyone’s success.

This is especially true as cloud infrastructure increasingly transforms into microservices that live on top of a cloud platform. With the shift to microservices comes the need to provide real-time monitoring, visibility, and tools to help enterprises better understand the new cloud model.

Terry Wise Joel Rosenberger John Gray

From left to right: AWS’s Terry Wise, Slalom’s Joel Rosenberger, and New Relic’s John Gray.

Joel said services such as New Relic APM monitor the “heartbeat of an application” to give enterprises more confidence in a smooth transition from on-premise to cloud. However, even as C-level folks continue to gain enthusiasm for the cloud, the “frozen middle” (as Terry put it) is still looking for more automation and better visibility across the stack.

Terry and Joel emphasized the need for more education and training for customers and prospects on how to adapt to a still-changing cloud technology model. Working in a partner ecosystem can help provide critical visibility to supplement what’s available from cloud vendors like AWS and consultants like Slalom.

Evolving in a new direction: Pantheon and Rackspace

As the technology model evolves, managed service providers like Pantheon and Rackspace are evolving along with it. Josh Koenig, co-founder and head of developer experience at Pantheon, and Brandon Elliott, CTO of Rackspace Digital, discussed the evolution of their companies to better focus on digital business and the accelerating shift of workloads to the cloud. Both Pantheon and Rackspace recognize the need to gather more performance and infrastructure data to better analyze business activities, e-commerce, and site-development priorities.

Myra Pelowski Josh Koenig Brandon Elliot

From left to right: New Relic’s Myra Pelowski, Pantheon’s Josh Koenig, and Rackspace’s Brandon Elliott.

In that context, New Relic APM has evolved from an optional add-on to an embedded feature in their services. With New Relic as part of their offerings, Pantheon and Rackspace teams have a better understanding of what’s happening within their customer deployments and can have more informed conversations with their customers to speed development and more quickly resolve problems.

Missed out on Partner Day? Become a New Relic partner

New Relic’s Partner Day brought real value to all who attended. If you are interested in becoming a New Relic partner, you can sign up now at Here’s hoping we see you at New Relic Partner Day 2017!


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