Growth is good. But scaling up your operations isn’t always a cakewalk. At FutureStack16 San Francisco, New Relic’s own Abner Germanow moderated a discussion on “Operations at Scale,” exploring this very issue. The panel featured representatives from Adobe,, Interactive Intelligence, and Cisco.

“Part of growing is pain,” said Michael Joy, Cloud Platform Architect at (a division of “But part of that pain is learning something along the way.” So what lessons have these folks learned as they’ve grown their businesses?

For Klasey Gage, who works on the Adobe Marketing Cloud (AMC), it’s all about data. AMC was formed through a series of acquisitions—a process that required integrating several disparate companies into one seamless platform. Now, with more than 80,000 hosts across more than 40 data centers, complexity is a daily reality.

To get those diverse teams on to the same page, you need data about how your software is working, the kind of data New Relic can help you collect, analyze, and understand. “Data is a common language,” Klasey said, “normalizing the playing field, telling a consistent story.”

To hear more from Michael and Klasey—plus learn how Interactive Intelligence has “embraced the cloud and gone all in” and discover what Cisco’s Brad Parker means by “The 1K to 10K to 100K Problem”—watch the full panel discussion in the video below:

Watch other great presentations from the event:

You can watch all available FutureStack16 San Francisco presentation videos, including the keynotes, at our FutureStack16 San Francisco YouTube playlist.


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