From New Relic CEO Lew Cirne’s dramatic opening keynote introducing New Relic Infrastructure to MLB Network host Brian Kenny’s sage closing advice on how the power of data is more about the questions than the numbers, FutureStack16 Tour: New York was an amazing day of learning, insights, networking, and fun.

The announcements get the news, of course, and well they should. But you had to be there to fully appreciate everything attendees got out of the event, from the joy of learning how to master important techniques using New Relic APM in all-day, hands-on training sessions to hearing real stories of how organizations just like yours are able to leverage New Relic to create and deliver better digital experiences to their customers.

We’ll be presenting deep dives into several of the sessions—including exclusive video—in the coming days and weeks, but in the meantime the images here can give you a more intimate sense of the event. And it’s never too late to experience FutureStack for yourself. Make your plans now to attend our flagship two-day version of FutureStack16 in San Francisco, November 16 and 17.

Event attendees gather in the chic and stylish Spring Studios space, site of FutureStack New York.

futurestack spring studios interior


Dunkin’ Donuts, one of the inspirations for the opening keynote from New Relic founder and CEO Lew Cirne, provided a sweet start to the morning.

futurestack dunkin donuts


New Relic Founder and CEO Lew Cirne welcomes attendees to FutureStack with a rousing opening keynote introducing New Relic Infrastructure and much more.

lew cirne futurestack presentation


New Relic VP of Product Management (and co-founder of Opsmatic) Jim Stoneham serves up “meatballs” to the audience as he demos New Relic Infrastructure.

jim stoneham presenting at futurestack


The event was the perfect place to network with industry peers … over a cup of Dunkin’s famous coffee.

futurestack attendees


FutureStack offered a full day of laptops-open training sessions designed to help attendees acquire skills they can use to refine their organizations application-monitoring activities and deliver a better digital experience.

trainees attending futurestack


The training sessions also included plenty of one-on-one instruction. Here, Senior Technical Trainer Phil Weber helps a New Relic user get comfortable with a new feature.

phil weber training at futurestack


New Relic’s Lee Atchison moderates a fascinating fireside chat with his special guest Natacha Springer, cloud operations engineer at Kickstarter. A key takeaway? The companys microservices architecture lets anyone push code live, without risking the whole site breaking at once.

natacha springer interview at futurestack


New Relic EVP of Sales Erica Schultz chats with event attendees.

erica schultz


In his talk on “Building a System That Never Stops: New Relic at Scale,” New Relic Chief Architect & VP of Engineering Nic Benders nearly gets whiplash craning his neck as he shares a chart dramatically depicting the impact of scale.

nic benders presentation futurestack


Brian Kenny, host of MLB Network’s Digging Into the Data, is granted official “Data Nerd” status by New Relic CMO Robson Grieve.

brian kenny on stage at futurestack


The memorable day wrapped up with a open air party on Spring Studios beautiful roof deck.

FutureStack rooftop party


Dueling book signing! Party guests picked up signed copies of Brian Kenny’s Ahead of the Curve and Lee Atchison’s Architecting for Scale.

futurestack book signing


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Note: Event dates, participants, and topics are subject to change without notice. Photo credits: Header image by Fredric Paul. All other images by Joe Jenkins.'

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