Using the cloud to “build a better data center” is only the beginning, explained Lee Atchison, New Relic’s principal cloud architect—in his talk at FutureStack16 San Francisco entitled “Monitoring the Dynamic Nature of the Cloud: How Docker and the Cloud Bring Your Application to Life.”

Cloud computing’s biggest benefits, Lee said, come not in this static cloud model, but in the dynamic cloud model that promises to let you create dynamic apps that consume only the resources they need, when they need them, and de-allocate them as soon as they’re no longer needed. That brings new agility, as well as the ability to scale far more efficiently. But this fast-moving dynamic model also creates new monitoring challenges.

To find out more about how New Relic can help you monitor the life cycle of cloud components in order to fully understand how your apps are performing in a dynamic environment, watch Lee’s full presentation in the video below:

Watch other great presentations from the event:

You can watch all available FutureStack16 San Francisco presentation videos, including the keynotes, at our FutureStack16 San Francisco YouTube playlist.


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