Language agents live in multiple parallel universes at once—at least, that’s how Belinda Runkle, VP of engineering for New Relic APM, likes to think about them. But each agent has its own idiosyncrasies depending on where and how it’s deployed (like in cars, factories, or TV set-tops, for example). “I hope one day to see an agent deployed to outer space,” Belinda told her audience at FutureStack16 San Francisco.

In the meantime, Belinda is focused on more down-to-earth matters, such as the 10 lessons she’s learned from building agents for the stacks of the future. Lesson #1: “Pay attention to what your developers are talking about.”

To discover lessons #2 thru #10, watch Belinda’s presentation “How New Relic Builds Language Agents” in the video below:

Watch other great presentations from the event:

You can see all available FutureStack16 San Francisco presentation videos, including the keynotes, at our FutureStack16 San Francisco YouTube playlist.


Photo: © Andrew Weeks Photography.

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