Last week, we introduced you to the New Relic 101 track at our FutureStack16 tech conference in San Francisco. Now it’s time to reveal the secrets of another of the event’s four tracks: Developing Breakthrough Customer Experiences.

Along with Analytics for Everyone and Operating Dynamic Infrastructure, the Developing Breakthrough Customer Experiences track has been carefully curated to give FutureStack16 attendees the maximum possible value.

Every business is a software business

Today, your company’s websites and app experiences are the front door to your business. They represent your brand, connect you to your customers and prospects, and enable you to do an increasing amount of business directly with customers, partners, and suppliers. In many cases, the digital customer experience created by your software is your company itself.

futurestack16However you slice it, the success of your business is directly tied to the digital experiences you deliver. Errors, slowness, or outages can directly impact the relationship you have with your digital-first customers, and thus the health of your digital business. So you have to ask yourself, How well do you really understand the digital experiences that you’re delivering?

No matter what your answer to that question, the two-day Developing Breakthrough Customer Experiences track at FutureStack16 can show you how to use New Relic to improve your visibility into the digital customer experiences you’re delivering, and use that data as a common language to unite the broad, cross-functional teams it takes to deliver modern, compelling websites and apps. Attendees will learn advanced tips for understanding their customers’ experience and discover breakthrough approaches for architecting and developing a next-generation digital business.

Why you should follow this track

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so as companies become increasingly aware of the strategic importance of their digital customer experiences, visibility into the performance of those digital channels is now more imperative than ever. The full-stack view provided by New Relic not only establishes the current state of health for your digital customer channels, but also unites company stakeholders on a common view of the business and how to improve it.

Some of our most successful customers use New Relic not just for fast performance troubleshooting, but also to understand and improve their digital experiences and its impact on the business.

What’s in store for you?

The Developing Breakthrough Customer Experiences track includes hands-on training on how to use New Relic products—including New Relic Browser and New Relic Synthetics—to fix customer experience problems; real-world customer stories on how they improved their customer experiences using New Relic; and insightful thought leadership explaining the role of gathering and analyzing data in building customer experiences that lead to business success.

You’ll learn how to get immediate value out of New Relic and get familiar with key product and platform features and functionality that can directly affect customer experience:

  • New Relic Browser Single Page App (SPA) Monitoring
  • New Relic Mobile Crash Reporting
  • New Relic Synthetic Monitors
  • New Relic Alerts
  • New Relic Insights

Put it all together and you get Full Stack Customer Experience Management, from strategic vision to technical execution.

A few of our favorite sessions

futurestack speakers

[Left to right] Tommy McClung of TrueCar, Aideen NasiriShargh of Zoosk, and Phil Weber and Clay Smith of New Relic.

New Relic loves its customers, so it’s no surprise we’re totally excited about our customer speakers at FutureStack16. Tommy McClung, chief technology officer at TrueCar, for example, will share his insights on building great customer experiences. We’ll also have Aideen NasiriShargh, lead software engineer at Zoosk, who will explain that because “Love Can’t Wait,” the matchmaking site turned to Single Page Applications to cut page load times by 15% for its 38 million members.

But that’s only the beginning. Our own trainer extraordinaire Phil Weber will walk you through “Troubleshooting Client-Side Performance: Browser and Synthetics Fundamentals” and show you How to Write Scripts for Synthetic Monitoring. And Developer Advocate Clay Smith will reveal “Killer Tips and Tricks for Frontend Performance.”

All this plus additional training and new thought-leadership presentations makes the Developing Breakthrough Customer Experiences track at FutureStack16 a can’t-miss opportunity to improve your organization’s all-important digital experience.

FutureStack16—including the Developing Breakthrough Customer Experiences track and much more—comes to San Francisco on November 16 and 17. Learn more at and register here before we sell out! And for the latest updates, follow FutureStack on Twitter @NewRelic #FS16SF.

Check out photos from last year’s FutureStack15 event.


Note: Event dates, participants, and topics are subject to change without notice. 

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